Peer to Peer Career Coaching Marketplace Startup Looking for a *senior technical (web dev) co-founder*! Even have 3 junior resources to help

Hi everyone, I am developing a centralized, democratized peer to peer career coaching marketplace.

I was not satisfied with what was out there so I have fully scoped out the idea and getting ready to launch a pilot program in Q1 2022 but the website needs some major improvement (or to start from scratch) (I can show you what junior team has built).

I would love to discuss the idea and involvement further. I have some junior resources and a recently onboarded senior designer to work with as well.

Everything is on Notion, which I'd be happy to share with the right person.

Thanks for reading!

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    Having built this service and seen it built so many times, what's wrong with the existing ones?

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      Ketan! Thank you for your comment. Your platform has been an inspiration for me from a design perspective. Congrats on your revenue milestones as well. I've been meaning to reach out but I guess now is as good a time as ever.

      What is different about my platform is the peer to peer aspect. No professional coaches - just your future colleagues and peers in the industry working a side hustle to coach you with a fullstack coaching toolkit that we provide them, along with their personal experience.

      I'll ask you the same thing - why build it if you've seen it built so many times?

      P.S. I'd love to chat some time about the challenges you faced and hear any advice you have. Also would be happy to share/cross-polinate ideas.

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        There are numerous peer to peer platforms. Peers and Coaches are very different. There's a level of skill that professional coaches have that your average peer likely wouldn't in coaching and mentorship. Also we started building this years ago. I don't know what a full stack coaching toolkit means.

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          Sounds like you know your stuff... Care to share some of these platforms? I've done my research and there aren't any (at least none that have been around for some time) where anyone can start a side hustle being a coach and be provided tools to help them get started.

          And there is nothing saying a peer can't coach. this is coaching not mentorship. You don't have to be certified to be a coach. The questions asked and method of approach is just different from mentorship to coaching.

          A fullstack coaching toolkit is just as it sounds - a set of tools (processes, questions, steps, methods, etc.) to help someone coach someone else.

          The question was why did you build it, not when. Do you have a unique Offering? Or are you just another professional career coaching platform like the others? I've seen many of those.

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            mentorcruise, growthmentor, superpeer, adplist, and that's just a few of the top of my head. There are hundreds of peer to peer platforms.

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              these are great so first of all thank you I missed a few of these in my research. where did you come across these? here on IH?

              secondly, competition should never be something that stops someone from building something (as I'm sure you know)!

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    Who have you consulted on the coaching aspect? I can help.

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      Gretchen, thank you! I have some non-professional coaches taking a look at what I've built out and and helping improve the offering but I would love professional opinions/help! Please email me at [email protected] and let's see what we can do together.

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    Leave an email in your post or in your profile so people can contact you.
    I may be interested to see what you have scoped out for a "Peer to Peer Career Coaching Marketplace" app

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      Done. Thanks for the heads up and would love to chat Nikolay

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