Peloton’s Secrets to Launching Revolutionary Products

A revolution is justified by a forcible overthrow of a social order with a new system. In order to transition to a new system, it should satiate the existing predicaments.

In the book Good Strategy Bad Strategy, In 1998, Richard Rumelt asked Steve Jobs “what is your long term strategy for Apple”? Steve Jobs responded: “I am waiting for a window of opportunity”.

Steve Jobs based on his instincts saw a window of opportunity in the world of technology in 2007 and launched the iPhone. A business needs only one such major opportunity to become a world leader in its niche. Business leaders like Steve Jobs have an appetite for strategy due to years of experience, knowledge of the field and understanding of consumers. It helps them make decisions and identify such windows of opportunities.

It happened again in 2012 in the fitness industry. Peloton which surprisingly is also known as Apple of Fitness.

Only identifying the opportunity and building a product does not lead to becoming the world market leader. The product needs to justify the definition of revolution — it should satiate the existing predicaments.

We will be exploring: identifying opportunities, crafting product, honing the business and strategies to building a community.

Read More: https://srvivek.substack.com/p/pelotons-secrets-to-launching-revolutionary

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