People found our landing page confusing.

We have updated it : https://www.superthread.com

Do you think it is clearer now?

How can we improve it further?

Roast my site.

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    "Fastest Collaborative Software Ever"

    Is your target audience biggest concern — speed?

    You started with broadcasting a benefit first...

    What if there's another way?

    Ask a question:

    • "Have you ever wondered why Jira and confluence are slow .....?"

    Here's why...

    My partner and I decided to build superthread to remedy that...

    Here's how it works.

    Here are those who've used it and here's what they have to say.

    Will you join them on this journey?"

    As a new product, going with a benefit first approach would put you on a weigh scale with the status quo.

    Rather ask a question that triggers their dissatisfaction with existing products.

    Use words to widen that gap of dissatisfaction (copywriting)

    Fill it with your product :)

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    "Fastest Collaborative Software Ever"
    What am I using this software to collaborate on?

    Great that it's fast, drag and drop, flexible and feature packed. But I don't know what it does. Or what I'd use it for.

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    "Fastest Collaborative Software Ever"

    This just immediately sounds like bullshit. When I think collaborative software I'm thinking Google Docs etc. Is it faster than that?

    What does "faster" mean anyway? Can be interpreted many ways.

    Also what does "Collaborative" mean? As above, for me personally I think of Google's G-Suite software when I think of collaboration but the you go on to mention Jira and Confluence... I'm confused.

    In what way is it "20 times faster". How did you measure this? What did you measure.

    In my opinion the whole thing seems like it was created by a bad marketeer who thinks everyone is dumb and won't question anything.

    The 5-star ratings at the top add to this feeling btw.

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    Commenting as a non-expert, but I think these are the main issues I find with the website, and potential fixes.

    People read and scroll fast when they come onto a landing page, and only slow down to further observe a section that catches their attention - then they pause and investigate further if it is interesting. This is a subconscious time-saving technique we all use when browsing the internet, especially when comparing different products.

    So when I visited your landing page, these were what I read as I was scrolling

    • Fastest Collaborative Software Ever
    • Ultra Fast
    • Super Flexible
    • Feature Packed, ...,
    • Familiar etc. you get the gist.

    None of these made me pause to further observe a particular section of the page. I had to scroll back up and start re-reading again - most web users wouldn't do this. They would just 'move on'.

    Stitching together all the headlines I mentioned previously didn't deliver a coherent message to me. They were all generic terms that could be used to describe any product.


    • Change your headline to form a story that builds up as a user scrolls down the page. So by the time a user gets to the end, they are somewhat confident of what the product is, the features it offers, (and HOW it is different from others). A good product description doesn't have to explicitly tell the users they are better - show them HOW.
    • Make user pause: between your pages, add attractive images, headlines, clip arts, etc that draws attention. Your current tool's UI kind of blends with the landing page. It would be a good idea to place your images on colourful backgrounds to add some contrast. Try yellow, blue, etc
    • Users don't like pausing to click on videos - do it for them. Embed the video directly into the page without using YouTube, and have it on autoplay, looped, and muted. (Chrome won't autoplay the video if it is not muted). I would actually suggest, you record different features of your tool separately, and use that to build a story across your page.

    Check out Notion's landing page, and use that as a benchmark.

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    Thank yo all for your super useful comments! We are going to make further improvements and get back to you :-)

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    That's really a great initiative, But i have some questions if we have a website that built in Netlify you can check https://www.olansichina.com/ . So my question is that is it work for me or not while doing a designing of landing page.? Need your honest suggetions.

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    I like the main video and its place!

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    When I first visit this website, I don't quite know yet what you do. I find the positioning of the testimonials somewhat odd.

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    Since others have already commented on the layout and copy, just watched the video on the landing page, I feel its a little too fast even for some person who watches videos normally at 1.5x speed.
    Might want to slow down a little, I think as founders/devs we try jumping into 3-4 features so quickly since we've been using the product for some time now, but putting yourself in others shoes and going at a very slow pace helps new comers not be daunted by all the flexing.

    But apart from that I love the whole clean Notionesque design.

    Good luck David,

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    Hi David
    I made a video with my feedback: https://youtu.be/Ktlucov2pi0
    I hope that this could be helpful, good luck!

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    I didn't see the previous version, but this one looks fine in terms of the content. I did get what you guys are doing, so I guess it's a move in the right direction for you.

    As for design, it can be improved for sure. Message me if you're interested in refreshing it a bit, we'd gladly help you.

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    It would be awesome to hear from you guys who do you think a product like this might resonate with. Our main think is speed and ease of use.

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