Permission to be brutally honest 😱

I’m looking for honest feedback about our product at SoVisual.co. Most of you are probably not the target audience (mostly targeting social media managers), but I’m sure you can give worthwhile feedback.

So here’s the question I’d love you to answer after viewing the homepage:

Why wouldn’t you buy?

Even if you would/did/will buy, tell me why you think someone wouldn’t.

And be brutally honest. Don’t sugar coat it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for long enough that I don’t take product feedback personally.

I’ve gotten way too much positive feedback about the product from my network—and I’m certain it’s because of my relationship with them, and my reputation in the industry. But I am pretty sure most of you don’t know me and will be able to be objective enough to give me the honest feedback I’m looking for. 💪

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    Are you creating it for me?

    Will it include my brand colors and fonts etc?

    Just buying a pack of social media content but that isn't reflecting my brand is something I don't see the value in. + there would be other people that are posting the same thing as me? :S

    Or am I missunderstanding the product?

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      Great questions! I think I answered some of them in the FAQ page, but maybe not worded exactly that way! Really appreciate you giving your own words so I can help refine how I address these.

      1. We have a "customization" add-on for $49 where we'll edit the pack for you to match your brand. You can also purchase the PSD files and do it yourself.

      2. RE: "other people posting..." Same with Canva templates (or any other templates you might buy elsewhere). Only difference is... only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of people know about SoVisual.co yet compared to Canva or other template marketplaces. But also, this concern is a matter of (a) what is the probability that someone would happen to follow you and another business/brand who is posting these same things, (b) in relation to the cost, does it really matter?

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        Makes sense :)

        I'm a big believer in templates also, it helps a lot of people creating something really nice fast.

        But if you can answer these question I asked a bit clearer on thelanding page I think it would be even better.

        Looks good :D

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          Yep, already working on an updated version of the landing page to address exactly what you mentioned! 💪

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    Well, last year I tried launching a shopify store and from experience, the struggle is real, my and my gf spent a lot of time generating IG content. So for sure you are onto something here!

    We use https://placeit.net/ a lot. As we were trying to build a brand it was important for posts to match our brand color. So I think it would be great for your product if I can choose color scheme and a pack and you can generate it to match my brand.

    Keep up the good work!

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      Yea! Thanks a lot @jamalx31!

      I use Placeit also--they did a 3-month sponsorship of my personal blog earlier this year. Have you also heard of https://smartmockups.com? I recently found them and LOVE how much easier the interface is.

      For now, SoVisual.co offers a $49 add-on where we'll customize your purchased pack for you: logo, brand colors, fonts, photography, or even the text content itself. And we'll deliver the customized pack in 24hrs.

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    I agree with @kirill here.

    I couldn't figure out if it's just templates or an automation tool or both. Here is my personal experience.

    Save hundreds of hours and never wonder “what should I post” on social media.

    This line made me think it's an automating / AI tool that will give me suggestions on what to post based on my brand.

    We know what works so you don’t have to.
    Same as above. I don't have to worry about what to post. It will be automated for me.

    Social Packs are Here to Save the Day!
    This section gave me the feeling that it's maybe social media templates. But then again "Your content, planned out for an entire calendar month." made me think it's maybe both templates + automation.

    It's a bit confusing. But the social packs are very nicely designed. Well done!

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      Haha! Thanks for the feedback!

      I think it's definitely related to the fact that you both are highly technologically aware. And it's great because I've spoken to dozens of social media managers who are less technical (read: not developers or coders or product builders) and they never gave this perspective.

      Definitely need to rework the copy, simplify, and show more visually what the packs are.

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        That's interesting.

        You may do some A/B testing and go with what works best. We can give our personal opinion here but maybe users will think totally differently. 😁

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          Yes! I'm currently doing a handful of A/B tests on copy. I'm also going to be building multiple different landing pages based on different customer personas--the same way that Apple and many other companies do.

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    At a first glance, I can't tell if I am (a) buying a set of themes with set designs and words (b) buying a set of themes that I'll need to customize with my own messages or (c) subscribing to a product that can auto-generate themes based on my brand, and create assets for all social media channels based on those.

    Since I can't easily answer that question to decide whether this is for me or not, I can't move forward.

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      Thanks for the feedback @kirill!

      Seems like we need to be more clear that packs are pre-designed sets of graphics that are ready-to-use immediately. So your (a) description is the most accurate.

      Although we include "blank" versions of the graphics as well (no text) so you can add your own if you want.

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