Twitter August 14, 2020

Personal milestone! Went from 6 -> 28 followers on Twitter in 2 days

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

I know it’s not a lot but it’s still a relatively crazy amount of growth. At first I had gone from 6 -> 10 in the first day which I thought was awesome but then woke up the next day to see that my followers had more than doubled.

I’m going to share my strategy once I see that it’s working consistently and hit a higher number but thought this was cool and wanted to share.

If anyone has any advice to get even more followers or wants to follow me themselves, you can find me at @yehudabrick!

Have a great weekend 😊!

Update: now at 45 😊 😊

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      Thanks so much, haha, I read that earlier this week 😆 👍

    2. 1

      some terrific pearls in there...

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    I think the secret is posting 84 (!!!) tweets in two days... am I right? ;-)

    1. 1

      Haha, very possibly. I’m trying to get myself in front of as many people as possible to get to 100 - 200 followers. After I’m going to start being more purposeful about what I share and see if I can leverage a smaller base to grow big quickly.

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    that's not a lot tbh. follow a lot of people (like a couple of their tweets first to let them think you noticed them) and a good number will probably follow you back. cheap way to jumpstart your audience but better than tweeting into the void. Once you have a bigger following you can start to be more selective about who you follow.

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    I'm a simple man. You build, I follow!

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      Thanks so much bruno!

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    Yeah same here. Started recently and growing in fast

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    Good milestone! @yehuda

    I registered Twitter in 2013 and only started to Tweet 2 months ago haha. Would love to exchange opinions with you. Let's chat on Twitter haha

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      I just DMed you man 😊

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