Personalized hashtag statistics on Instagram while you browse via a Chrome Extension 🎁

Often times Instagram itself is the best place to go to find inspiration for your own content creation. Even more so when it comes to selecting niche hashtags to use on your posts.

When it came time to finding new hashtags for any of my accounts, this was my general approach:

  • Go to Instagram in my browser on my laptop
  • Pick a single hashtag that was relevant to my Instagram account and go to that hashtag's page
  • Click on posts that I liked, see what hashtags they used and open any of the potential hashtags that I may want to use in a new tab.
  • I would also see if there were any decent ones in the Related Hashtags section and open any that seemed like they had potential in a new tab.

After a while, I would have a ton of tabs open with hashtags to use.

Going through each tab, I would make sure the hashtag was actually relevant to my content, check the post count, make sure it wasn't shadowbanned, etc. This system worked pretty well and allowed me to intentionally select the best hashtags for any content on Instagram that I produced.

There were some problems though… 😩

  • When I found hashtags that I thought were good to use I would have to copy/paste them into a spreadsheet or planning tool to keep track of.
  • I didn't know which hashtags were ones I had already used or were brand new to me. There were simply too many to keep track of.
  • If I was trying to find a certain number of hashtags for a post, I didn't know which hashtags I had already selected to use and how many I had collected.
  • I was unsure how much I was using the same hashtags over and over again and how much I was varying my hashtag selection.

Thankfully those are now problems of the past with the release of the new Curate Chrome Extension. 🥳

Now you can have personalized hashtag statistics overlaid on Instagram as you browse. Select your hashtags directly on Instagram for each post, track your usage for every hashtag and follow your hashtag strategies faster than ever possible before with Curate.

Want to get a closer look?! 🤓

Check out the full write up with lots of screenshots and insight into the design.


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