April 27, 2019

PHP for Web based tools?

Steve @HypeCrux

Is this a good framework to build on? I need some insights.

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    Laravel tends to get a lot of love these days. It's opinionated (kind of like Ruby on Rails), but very good.

    For a more minimalist approach, Slim PHP is fantastic. It's more like ExpressJS in that it's basically just a router.

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      Thanks Karl. ITs nerve-wracking having to choose something to build on and having no background in it.

      I have a robust prject and Im getting a lot of diff opnions.

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        Any reason you're not building with a tool you already know?

        When trying to get a new project started quickly, this is usually a safer approach. That said, if you're just trying to learn something new that's okay too 👌

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          I m a non-technical founder only have​ a high-level​ understanding​ of forntend and backend stuff.

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            Gotcha. Depending on what you're building I'd recommend building your MVP without code. There are a lot of good no-code website builders and tools out there. It'll be a lot faster to get market validation then once you know what you need to build you can write code.

            I am a developer and I never start a new project writing code. I always try to get at least a few dozen subscribers or possible buyers first.

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              Thanks again, ​Karl. Puts things into perspective.

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