Pigeon Post: A Template-based Email Platform

Hi Everyone!

We've been hard a work the last few weeks building out a completely new platform for sending transactional emails focused on developers.

Platforms like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, and Postmark already exist, but they can be cumbersome to set up, have really bad IP reputation resulting in emails going to spam, or be really expensive to use.

By building our own mailing infrastructure from scratch (we don't rely on a third-party service for delivery) we've been able to make significant improvements to the emailing experience while also bringing down the cost.

One of the main features we'll be offering is the ability to have Pigeon Post handle things like Verification emails and Magic link sign-ins for you. Simply integrate our API into your application and we'll handle generating links, verifying them, and letting you know when certain actions have been completed via webhooks.

We're launching our website today to gauge interest in our business model, pricing, and features, so and feedback is really appreciated!

Check us out here: https://pigeonpost.io

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    Sounds interesting!

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    Looks great!!!
    Maybe I use it in my software too.
    Keep hustling.

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