Pinterest sent 125K visitors to my website this month. AMA.


I have been running a content network in beauty niche and actively posting content to Pinterest. Lately the traffic from Pinterest has increased significantly and this month Pinterest drove 125K visits to my website.

Things I do:

  1. Create a Pinterest Business account (free)
  2. Get your domain verified.
  3. Write a nice bio for your profile. Make sure your bio contains keywords.
  4. Create genuine pins regularly and frequently. You can use Canva to create catchy pins. (In my case it's daily.)
  5. Collect your pins under relevant boards and make sure your board name contains your target keywords as well. (Max 4 words)
  6. Use the latest content formats Pinterest announces as Pinterest tend to promote those content. (Idea Pins, Story Pins etc)

Don't engage in tribes or other shady strategies that manipulate your pin impressions or followers. Feed your Pinterest account with unique pins that are relevant with your business.

Feel free to ask me anything and don't forget to follow me to witness my journey to hit $1K/daily goal here - https://twitter.com/recentlysold/status/1442849293975576585

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    Oh damn Fifty is on IndieHackers?!?

    Get Bootstrapped or die tryin

  2. 3

    What the frick! This is why the IH community is amazing. You just shared an amazing and proven recipe to drive huge amounts of traffic. You could have kept it all for yourself, but instead, you shared it with all of us. 🙏🚀🔥

    I will be following your journey, just added you to my "Indie Hackerz" Twitter list: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1431004027827929088


    1. 1

      Thanks for the follow Maxime!

  3. 2

    Where are the visitors from? What % are from North America / Europe?

    Would you be willing to do this as a service?

  4. 1

    I tried doing something similar with https://beautyblurbs.com/ as an experiment but didn't get much traffic. I was repurposing content and the whole process was automated. What would you change?

  5. 1

    Thank you for the reminder, for some reason I always forget about Pinterest..

  6. 1

    Wow amazing achievements, I’m in the process of launching a health tech start up and may use it for mental health and wellness social posts, any advice on if I should batch create these then automatically schedule them?

    1. 1

      Schedule and automatically post them on Pinterest.

  7. 1

    How did you get your first 1k followers on Pinterest?

    1. 1

      As said above, regularly posted unique content. No secret sauce.

      1. 1

        Great stuff, you motivated me to create pinterest as well. So I just post each day one pin and eventually the followers come?

  8. 1

    This is something I have observed as well. Pinterest is a good source of social traffic that is constant.

    1. 1

      I thought of Pinterest as this obscure social platform that nobody really cared about before reading this post 😆

      1. 1

        Sometimes, it brings more traffic than google itself.
        Edit: For me

        1. 1


          Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Pinterest only works (or works better) for subjects that are more easily conveyed using images (e.g. beauty stuff like OP, travel, cooking, etc). I build some productivity apps, I'm not sure it's the right channel for me xD. But I might be wrong...

          1. 1

            I get traffic for technical articles. But also you can create informative images regarding some techniques related to productivity and link it to your site (content preferred or your homepage)

          2. 1

            Yes -- and IIRC their user base is heavily female (> 80%), and in the 25-65 age range.

            1. 1

              Ah. That makes sense. I'll keep my focus on Twitter 😆

  9. 1

    You running beauty store or just beauty blog? Because these traffic can do wonder if it's store.

    1. 1

      Just a beauty blog with ads and affiliate links.

      1. 1

        Are you okay of SheIn affil program? Is like to chat if so

  10. 1

    Are you using a CMS?

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