Planning to start a brainstorming group on Slack

Planning to start a brainstorming group on slack with marketing + salesperson and developers. What do you'll think?

Should we start a brainstorming group on slack?
  1. Great Idea
  2. Not a great idea
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    A brainstorming group is a great idea! Count me in!

    But Slack? I would much prefer a live breakout room with 2-3 people at a time, randomly mixed every time.

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      Hey Judo,

      How do you plan on achieving that? Can you suggest some ideas?

      Also, if you are interested we could work on this together. Let me know.

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        Keep it simple at first.

        • Landing page with a form to capture email and timezone (measure interest)
        • If you have enough interest, find a time that works for the most timezones and email everyone a Zoom invite.
        • start the Zoom call by setting ground rules and guidance, then break up everyone into breakout rooms.
        • Email a survey to everyone who participated to see if they enjoyed it and want to do it again.
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          It’s a big task for a person who has a day job like me. Also, I’m not a developer hence need someone to help me with the landing page.

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            That's why nocode was invented. 😁

            • Landing page: carrd or webflow
            • Form: google form or airtable
            • Zoom

            Otherwise, just try your Slack idea first. The goal is to validate the idea quickly and easily.

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              Yea, we can just start with slack

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