March 13, 2019

Platform for SMB's to update their business listing across multiple directories for SEO purposes

Vez Onn @vez1132

Feedback Wanted. I wanted to see if any developer was interested in building a web app that allows for small businesses to update their business listing from one portal. I think it'd be nice to be able to update their Google Business, Yelp, Yext, Yellow Pages and many other top tier directories. Any thoughts?


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    A bunch already exist. Yext, Synup, Brightlocal.

    Your biggest obstacle is not even competition. Your biggest obstacle will be finding customer fit. I have extensive experience in this area as I worked at Whitespark and I can tell you with certainty that your target customer is going to be the marketer, not the SMB. SMBs hardly ever manage these things, they usually hire someone to do it for them and once it's done they don't do it again.

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    I agree with @genemachine that the marketer is your target audience here. I also have deep experience here from Moz, and recent consulting work. Many of these types of products are sold through resellers (the POS system, for example) and bundled. Beyond fit, a scalable distribution strategy that doesn't require expensive sales/BD people will be a big challenge.