Platform Launched - Now what? Here's what you do...

Answerly app went live just 2 days ago and we already have 200+ users. The sign-up ratio is 18% which is definitely good. However, the majority of users are not sure where to begin since there's isn't much content on the website already.

I realized this yesterday and quickly planned an approach.

Answerly.app is a Q/A website and there has to be some content on the platform already for the new users to interact with.

I did manually add a few hundred questions on all different topics but I understand that adding the questions alone wont do.

So, I quickly hired (and still hiring) a team of writers and divided them into 3 groups.

Group 1 (2 members) - Tasks

  • Extracting questions (worth adding) from Ahrefs that have high search volume and easy to rank on the search engines. Preferably 5000+
  • Setting up their accounts and adding these questions. Also adding the description to these questions (when necessary)

Group 2 (6 members) - Tasks

  • Answering 10 questions / day

Group 3 (2 members) - Tasks

  • Writing business related articles (with Answerly question links) which I will submit to relevant high-authority blogs.

The aim is to give an initial boost to the website's activity. Its true when they say "Fake it till you make it"

Its never a good idea to develop a platform and start expecting that the users would start using it. They may sign-up but nobody wants to stick around in a ghost town.

For anyone who is working on a platform that requires UGC (User Generated Content), my advice is to set aside a budget for adding the initial content to the website yourself.

This may sound ethically wrong - but trust me! That's how it works...

Coming back to the initial subject, if anyone wants to join in as a contributor, just let me know. I'm giving out some extra crypto rewards for your time and effort and hopefully some lifetime perks as well ;)

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