Product Launch October 24, 2020

Platforms to get early users

Vivek @vivek0079

Hi all - I am currently working on an idea/solution for a problem faced by SMBs. I am building a landing page to validate my hypothesis through the email list. So inorder to take my idea(product) in front of early adopters/potential customers what platforms would be helpful.
I am sure about IndieHackers and ProductHunt. Other platforms would be helpful.


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    I would say Reddit and Quora would be very helpful as well. Good luck!

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      Yes @TDajani. Agreed. A subreddit with a targeted customer niche would do wonders. Hunting down the same.

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    How about building your own audience as well?

    Apart from that, I'd also recommend interacting with potential users on Quora, Targeted Facebook groups and LinkedIn

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      Yes @felix12777. A quora space, subreddit with the targeted customer niche would be very useful. Thanks for the words.

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      Definitely niche FB groups and subreddits would be useful

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    You first have to know who your users are, IH and PH have very specific audiences that might not be your users. So find that out and think about where they hang out online.

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      My idea solves a problem faced by brick and mortar stores, small business owners, homepreneurs, entrepreneurs who are looking to start a small business or are trying to scale their small business. They have a product which they sell to customers on a daily basis.
      I have a couple of small business owners who do have this problem. Do you have any i could find them at scale @jessicaleo?

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        This is great that you can narrow down your audience! Knowing this makes it a lot easier for you to find them online. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this segment, that's where founders have to be creative to find them :) Try to ask the existing contacts you have what they usually do online, what website they visit for new info etc. That should help.

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    Hi all,

    I have launched my landing page to get some feedback.

    Visit us here and join the club to empower your business -

    I would love to hear your feedback and am looking forward.

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    I am at present going though this with You can see the product explainer video here:

    For us, there is 2 questions we are trying to answer.

    • What is the ideal customer segment for our product:
    • What is the traction channel we can use to reach out to those segment.

    For the first question above, we are brainstorming customer segment ideas and then reaching out to people in that segment to see if they do infact have the problem which our product solve. For example, this sprint we are not checking if new users being onboarded to AppSumo have a demand for review building product like ours. We are doing a lot of things that do not scale to answer this question.

    Now for the second question above, that is traction channel. I am a big fan of the Bulls Eye Traction technique, this was introduced to me in the book called Traction(by Gabriel Weinberg). You can see the blog of this method here:

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    I have an idea using fiverr to get early user, I make a post about it , what do you think?

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      Fiverr is a freelancer's platform where companies can get freelancers to work on their specifications. Like outsourcing. But I am looking for users who have the problem I solve for at scale. Correct me if I am wrong.

      I work on a SaaS product which can help solve a problem faced by brick and mortar stores, small business owners, homepreneurs, entrepreneurs who are looking to start a small business or are trying to scale their small business.

      Can you please explain how I can use fiverr in this scenario?

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        Yeah I know, what I mean with using fiverr is bundling services with your SaaS. I don’t know about your product, but assume marketing software for smb.

        in fiverr you can create offer "I will create marketing strategy for you and give away 3 month super marketing software".

        Maybe you only charge $5 -90 for create marketing strategy, but it's amazing opportunity to connect with your targeted audience, and if they love your software, they might extend their subscription.

        But, it’s don’t scale and just my raw idea. If you need scalable way, I suggest to use facebook ads, you can reach million SMB using facebook ads.

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          That sounds feasible to s smaller extend @natagon. Will try that for sure.

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