PLAY passed $100k MRR in first 2 months!

I've been absent, and I've been Indie Hacking!

Earlier this year I felt a little behind on my knowledge of all the buzzy stuff like NFTs and what's been going on in Crypto. A friend asked me to check out the Creator Coin project at Rally (https://rally.io) I did, via the $BOT coin which represents Voicebot, a major news/info source for the voice world. A few weeks later, I realized I wanted to start a Creator Coin around my game developer community, with some other initiatives too. I chose the word $PLAY as my symbol, and designed some programs which I have been wanting to do for years, all around the core concept of PLAY.

We are gaining supporters rapidly and our market cap is around $2.6M now, and we're earning about $100k per month in rewards and project revenues.

Each of the programs is like a little mini startup! Now I have 6 in my core team, and adding 1-2 more each week.

We're working on game frameworks, web-based tools for other Creators, helping other Creators launch and improve their own coins, etc. It's so much fun! I am using all my skills.. dev, team building, strategy, startup modelling, etc. I love it. It's my full time gig.

We're having the first Town Hall meeting tomorrow at 2PM EST in our Discord. Feel free to come on by if you want to find out more about PLAY, or Rally Creator Coins, etc!


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    Amazing, I don't fully understand the product but I love the numbers 😁

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      A game dev incubator
      A rewards program for kids
      Services for Creators (DAO voting tool, social token auction tool)
      Game platform for social tokens
      Soon: Pro game skills coaching

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