Landing Page Feedback March 26, 2020

please roast my SaaS kick starter


Shtack: Minimalist starer kit to help you quickly build and launch your next SaaS ideas.

  1. Do you understand what it does?

  2. Would you use it for your next MVP?

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    Do you understand what it does?

    Yes and it is very clear.

    Would you use it for your next MVP?

    No for 2 reasons: I think the visual design (fonts, inconsistent image style, strange colour combination, low quality and blurry images) isn't so great and I would personally rather make my own templates.

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    It seems interesting @indiepanda

    1. Do you understand what it does?
    • I do :) But maybe not for everyone, try to illustrate your solution in a less technical way, speaks layman terms

    Would you use it for your next MVP?

    • Potentially. Need to see the real outcome or maybe dummy product that can be launched from your service

    I'm also revamping my side product site, would love to hear your feedback :)

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    No, because to consider any starter kit it has to:

    1, be really really feature complete
    2, be 3rd-party independent, e.g. I have to own all the code (no Auth0)

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      Great feedback. Thanks!

      The project is 1.5 weeks old so I'm still figuring out what Dev/indie hackers really want.

      I picked the path of least resistance (react/express/sqlite +Auth0) for the first boilerplate (gitlab repo) in hope of having a working demo up and running fast.

      For the kit to be feature complete do you want to have other things like Stripe payment and admin panel?

      Adonis.js is in the roadmap. It seems to be a complete package for building serious SaaS.

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        There are many features for a SaaS starter kit from login (2FA, OpenID, etc.), payment (remember than many people cannot use Stripe), team management (and permissions), subscription management, background workers to themes and dashboards. Get inspired by the existing ones :)

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    Cool!, I'll be waiting for that React + Adonis (maybe Adonis 5?) starter kit :)

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      Did you use Adonis? how big was/is your project (eg number of pages, database tables)?

      While it's not wildly popular, it seems to offer the Ruby on Rails experience for JS developers.

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        About 15 each. Our stack is Adonis for the API, Nextjs (with typescript) for the frontend and SSR, and last but not least, styled-components and Tailwind for CSS.

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    I think I basically understand what it does. Seems to be similar to something like AWS Amplify? I'm an AWS guy so I wouldn't personally use it, but I could see others using it.

    Are you planning other DB offerings to replace Sqlite in production?

    1. 2

      I wanted to offer 2 things:

      1. One or two open source, full-stack boilerplates that I'd personally use for my own MVPs or freelance clients.

      2. Paid users can have said boilerplate deployed on my Kubernetes cluster (with built-in Letsencrypt certificate , and database backup).

      The dashboard (yet to be built) is supposed to automate the build and deployment on Gitlab. Kind of like Heroku "light".

      I could replace SQLite with anything if people ask for it :)