Productivity November 18, 2020

Please use emojis 🙂

Florian Adonis @Tanohzana

As the work place is getting more and more remote, people tend to lose the ability to exchange emotions while at work.

If you you had the habit of smiling when saying "hi" to your colleagues, today, due to remote work, it gets summarised to a sad "Hello" on Slack.

The solution to continue conveying emotions could be emojis/smileys 😉

Any thoughts ?

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    Just kidding I agree, sometimes you really can't tell what you coworker may be feeling on the other end of the screen and emojis can help get that emotion across 🤷‍♂️

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      Can't stress that enough 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Emojis are a good start 🏃‍♂️, but GIFs are even beter 🏁

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    Yes!!! Felt like I was in only a handful who did! 🤗🙌

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    I’ll take an emoji over an exclamation point.

    I’m happy that others are happy, but when I get a message or email like: “Hey Hiram! Super glad to connect! That makes total sense! I can see why [asdfjhaslkdfja] might be the better way to go! Thanks for your suggestion!” I get emotionally drained. Maybe it’s just me.

    Using periods doesn’t mean you’re mad or something, but I notice the sentiment across people ending sentences in periods vs. exclamation points. I’ve tried it myself countless times and it’s like night and day the difference in reactions.

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      It IS draining, because exclamation points are used to, well, exclaim. In that, they are meant to be taken as excitement or shouting. Too many people ignored English class in school and assume "exclamation point mean important sentence" so in order to convey importance they try way too hard with the exclamation points.
      To all of you out there who do this, please, stop!

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    I agree, Florian.👌

    Some people might frown upon emojis, but they do add context to a message that helps better communicate your intentions. 🙂

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      When used properly, they help you communicate intentions, but the problem is my (our?) generation and the newest generation far too often try to replace entire words or sentences with emoji and this is what causes the public "dislike" of emoji. They should also be used sparingly, don't just include one at the end of every sentence in your paragraph. Good god, I hope this some day helps someone realize they're doing that and helps them stop.

      Good use of your language, understanding of sentence and paragraph structure and just simply understanding communication can convey just as much emotion as an emoji, and in some cases, far more than an improperly used emoji.

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        Of course, Neil. Emoji are not and should not be a replacement for proper sentences.

        But there are still places in today's communication channels where emoji help convey emotion. I think they're useful in apps focused on short messages, like SMS, Twitter, and similar.

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      It definitely does !

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