plugmebot: Increase engagement on your twitter profile by creating real-time dp and banner

Built https://plugmebot.com which helps you create real-time dp and banner with great third-party app integrations like Github, RSS, chesscom etc

What makes this different from existing tools?

We know there are many tools that help you create real-time dp/banner but what makes us stand out is the editor and third-party integrations. Instead of cookie-cutter templates you can be creative with the editor and place your real-time/static data anywhere you want

You can check out the whole progress in the thread here

Open Stats and Milestones
current users: ~ 70 signups, people activate and deactivate their banners based on their needs
milestones: chess.com is one of our users
no mrr yet, still exploring

Thanks for reading through and looking forward to your suggestions and feedback :)

  1. 1

    Neat idea. Congratulations on the launch. How did you manage to get chess.com on board?

    1. 1

      that was a lot of luck, we integrated chess.com as a third party app and tweeted about it. One of their team members noticed us and we got to talking. Completely lucky here but putting out your progress helps :)

  2. 1

    What's the pricing structure? I could not find it anywhere

    1. 1

      No pricing page yet since we are still figuring out the demand. There are internal toasts and messages that nudge users to contact us if they need premium but everyone seems happy with what the free product

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