Popular SaaS Podcasts for 2021

In the early 2000s, technology skyrocketed. Some of the most popular platforms we know today emerged, and their creators set their sights on the stratosphere. From Facebook and Youtube to iPhones and Fitbits — the digital transformation was rampant. It was from this melting pot of innovation that the podcast was born.
Today podcasting is one of the most used platforms out there. In this piece, we’ll talk you through all things podcast-related and give you our top list of popular SaaS podcasts in 2021.

Why is Podcasting a Good Choice for SaaS Business Owners?

When the first podcast emerged in 2004, the traction it would gain was unknown. Nowadays, successful founders, CEOs, and marketers use podcasts to grow their businesses. This is particularly true in the SaaS industry.
Popular SaaS podcasts include a series of interview-style episodes that discuss current hot topics in SaaS. Why should you listen to them? Because they’re designed to provide insight and tips on how to make your SaaS business the best it can be!
But what about starting your own SaaS podcast? Will it benefit your business? Is it content worth exploring? Let’s look at some of the benefits you can get from joining the ranks of popular SaaS podcasts.

Seven Key Podcasting Benefits of Popular SaaS Podcasts

1. Catapults Traffic Generation

Creating a podcast helps you generate more traffic for your business by reaching out to new audiences to promote your business. Once someone listens and decides they like your podcast, they subscribe. And when you upload new content, they’ll be notified and will flock to your site.
Since your podcast directory will allow you to add a link back to your website, you can direct your listeners to your website at the end of each episode. They’ll be able to sign-up for emails to be more directly connected to your business and find out more about your products.

2. Builds Audience Relationships

Podcasting is a great way to build closer relationships with your target audience. The flexibility of podcasting means people can listen to your show while they’re doing other things. The intimacy this creates helps listeners feel closer to the person speaking as if they are listening to a friend they can trust.
The accessibility that podcasts provide will help you reach new audience members. Podcasts are easy to consume and will appeal to people who prefer audio over long-form content. There’s also the probability that listeners will recommend your podcast to their loved ones.
Making your brand’s voice more accessible helps spread your brand’s influence and create awareness. This allows you to create a strong user community. You’ll be able to curate your content to fit your audience’s interests and help them navigate their struggles.

3. Less Admin and More Cost-Effective

Podcasting is a cost-effective way to create premium content for your audience. You’ll be able to attract new listeners and expand your reach for minimal cost or time. Here’s why -

Zoom in on what sets your product apart from the competition. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes and ask:
Cheaper than video. Quality video equipment is pricey, as is hiring a capable video editor. Podcasts are more affordable to produce and edit, saving you money.
Easier to create. Creating solid video content means paying attention to details like lighting, sound, or background. Podcasts, however, depend solely on audio, and to edit and upload them, you just need a wifi connection.
Less pressure. Not everyone is confident being in front of the camera. Podcasting takes the pressure off hosts who are highly qualified but camera shy.
Cheaper and faster than creating written content. Blogging can be time-consuming and costly if you aren’t a professional. But with podcasting, all that’s required is research and the desire to chat about what you find.

4. Highly Engaging

Podcasts work because they’re great at capturing the attention of listeners. The highly engaging topics of conversation featured on popular SaaS podcasts draw people in. They break the monotony of traditional content. How? By allowing hosts to take an interactive approach to communicate with their audience — there’s more bandwidth for creating podcasts.
Once you’ve got your audience hooked, you can work on finding ways to influence their buying decisions. For example, you can use podcasts to weave in advertisements for your products. You could also sell airtime on your podcast to other businesses and advertise services that complement yours.
Popular SaaS podcasts also relay information in real-time. Unlike written content, headings can’t be skimmed or skipped. You need to listen to a podcast episode fully to follow what it’s about.

5. Provides Value to Customers

By hosting a podcast that adds benefits to the lives of its listeners, you can position yourself as an authority in your niche. The most popular SaaS podcasts focus on helping their audience solve their problems, telling listeners what they need or want to hear.
There’s also the option to make on-demand content for your audience. You can create content that will speak directly to them — whether to teach them something, provide advice or give them a new perspective. For example, hosts can answer audience questions, interview guests they’re dying to hear from, or expand on specific topics they’re interested in.

6. Better ROI

Podcasting is not as competitive as other platforms, so it’s bound to give you a good return on investment (ROI). The more listeners you attract, the more potential customers, which in turn equates to a better ROI.
Further research suggests that people who listen to podcasts are educated and affluent. So you’ll be tapping into a valuable market and attracting a customer base with deep pockets.

7. Great for SEO

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) is another benefit of podcasting. SEO is an important process used for optimizing your online content, and it can be found online when people search for things. The better your SEO, the higher your chances of driving traffic to your sites.

Podcasts help with SEO because:
• Episodes get indexed by Google, meaning when someone searches a topic, podcast episodes will appear in results.
• They improve your domain authority because they create an authority signal for Google. This means your content will get a higher ranking in searches, leading to more traffic.
• It’s easy and cost-effective to conduct SEO on episodes. For example, you only have to use the right keyword in your title and episode description.

Now that you know which benefits the podcasts hold for your business, discover our full list for the most popular SaaS podcasts out there on PayPro Global’s blog.

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