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Ryan Prosser @RyanAtPathViz

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EDIT: Due to the volume of comments, my co-founder and I will be prioritizing posts that leave feedback and/or write reviews (on our site). We will try to get to all of them if we can :)

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    We are launching early access soon and hence will go for a landing page re-design. What improvements should we go for?

    Thanks a ton for doing this :)


    I like the idea of PathViz but for products such as these, I believe trust is the most important element and I found it lacking on the website. Mainly because I could not verify the authenticity of the reviews i.e. there is no way to view reviewer profiles or their LinkedIn/website. Apart from that, the design is simple and clean. Love that!

    Wish you the very best 👍

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      Messaging is very clear and we love the UI. A couple of ideas:

      1. pricing potentially seems high, but we're not your target audience and don't necessarily understand the pain points.

      2. You could add auto-play on your videos when scrolling into view.

      We like the idea of verification; the challenging part is many of our users wish to remain anonymous. What do think of verification badges similar to twitter, where we verify through LinkedIn?

      As always, reviews are always welcome :)

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        Thanks for the feedback @RyanAtPathViz :)
        I am actually tweaking the pricing based on feedback too. That's the reason why the prices are there even thought even the MVP is not yet ready.

        I can totally understand why people might want to remain anonymous and I think PathViz's internal verification (with badges) works fine. Ok, here is something about the badges that others might not feel it's important but from a site like PathViz, I would expect a detailed set of badges like "Identity verified", "Work ex. verified", "currently working"/"left 1 year ago" etc. instead of let's say just a blue tick like Twitter. I feel what "verified" means in the context of PathViz should also be communicated.

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          Super helpful, I'll circle back once our verification is ready for prime-time. Thanks

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      Do you plan to use .systems for he relaunch? Always had issues ranking (SEO) a specialty domain -. But that's just my experience. Otherwise looks great!

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        Yes, I intend to use .systems for the long term. I wasn't aware of the fact that ranking a speciality domain is tough :(

        I would love to know more about the challenged you faced and ways you resolved it. Thanks! :)

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    Thank you!


    I really appreciate it!

    # Regarding PathWiz:

    • I would align the hero text on the left because you have very little text to be on the middle and it becomes a long line. Otherwise, you can make that column smaller so the text is a bit more wrapped.

    Are you using Bulma?

    You may want to give it some personality to that text, more prominent.
    Something like this.


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      Aesthetically the website looks great. We love the "see pricing" animation and the "who is working on this section."

      Some questions to consider: What's your competitive advantage? How are differentiated from other template sites? How will you win in the long-term?

      We can make our hero text larger and we like the way you've done it on your site. As always, reviews are always welcome :)

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        Thank you guys.

        What's your competitive advantage?

        The advantage is that you don't have to remove the CSS, assets that some other template providers use.

        How are differentiated from other template sites?

        For example, the templates are using only the CDN of the CSS framework. Without being installed, so the future developer can choose their own setup.

        How will you win in the long-term?

        Well , the templates are make once, sale twice.

        Reviews are really good. I love it

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    wow cool
    I've never seen people leaving reviews on careers

    how do you get more reviews?

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      It's a tough problem, most of the reviews have come from friends and family. We've got a couple of fun ideas to get reviews, stay tuned ;)

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        have you considered the Product Hunt release? :)

        1. 1

          We have, do you think that would be a good channel for us? We wanted to wait until our merch giveaway is live, so we'll probably post something early October.

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            I am sure that will bring you more reviews.
            you can always start with the "discussions" section on PH

            1. 1

              Appreciate the tip, I'll let you know how it turns out :)

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    Thank you :)

    For PathViz

    Interesting concept. My initial thoughts:
    The headline could be more clear: "Reviews about jobs & careers"
    Its not clear whether it is about an individual job rather than the job role/title in general. For example: Is the review about being a tech founder at a particular startup in Banaglore and not about being a Tech founder in general.
    Also, having a country filter could be useful.

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      Thanks for the feedback!
      One potential problem is there is no way for me to understand if Speakhub is a product I would find value in without creating an account. I'm typically not willing to create an account unless I like the product. A demo could help.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. I updated the landing page to add more details and also included a short demo. Hopefully it would be more clear now :)

        1. 2

          Hi Ash, as a follow-up, I would start the video at the 21-second mark; the beginning bit is unnecessary filler. Also, it might be worth experimenting with the website Trainn @ijw posted a link to a website that might be able to help with this. Best of luck!!

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            Super helpful feedback. Thanks!
            I'll give Trainn a shot and see how it goes.
            I also made parts of the app open (without signup) so that users can explore without signing up.
            The app at is now accessible without signup.
            Hope it helps some of you explore the app. Thanks

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    Love the concept of PathViz. After browsing for a few minutes I found myself searching and clicking through to a particular review and then using the breadcrumbs to go back to the career type to see a general overview. For example, search for software engineer and the first result is a game developer. I have to scroll down to a software engineer review, click that and then go back. It would be useful to have the career types returned in the search results.

    1. 1
      1. What you're building is unclear. It all sounds very general, so it doesn't paint a clear picture in my mind. Once we started digging on the site, we found a code sample and got a better understanding. Idea: you could have a code sample on the front page (check out the code sample on or

      2. We don't totally understand what Module is referring to. Consider re-writing this sentence: "A modular utility platform for developers, agencies, and content creators to aid in the development of websites, apps, and software." Whenever you make updates, we'd be happy to take another look.

      Good find! We need to do a better job of ranking the search results; that will be a priority for us. As always, reviews are always welcome :)

      1. 1

        Appreciate your feedback, thank you.

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    I took a peek at Pathviz. It's a good clean design so far. My immediate feedback is that I'm not sure how this is different from glassdoor or their competitors. Your "about" provides a more compelling vision for what you are trying to do but I'm wondering whether there is a way you can achieve that in a way that's more interesting than salary data and a quick blurb. After all, a meaningful career is about more than salary and that's what you're trying to provide right? Hopefully that was helpful and not overtly critical.

    I'm curious to hear your feedback as well :)

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      I like this idea because parallelization is a pain the ass. Some things to consider:

      1. A gif of a CSV without Fastmap and with Fastmap, showing the speed could be compelling.

      2. The code sample is helpful, but seeing the difference from traditional to Fastmap will help me hit that aha moment faster.

      Thanks for the feedback (critical feedback is the best feedback). Did you see the "read full review" button? This is a known problem; several people have commented that they do not realize that the pros/cons are a snapshot of a much more in-depth review. If you have any ideas on how we could solve this problem, let us know. Curious to hear your feedback on the in-depth portion.

      As always, reviews are always welcome :)

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        That's fantastic feedback actually. Gifs are helpful to immediately understand what something does and making it a comparison gif would be much more compelling. Thank you!


        I did not see the read full review button even though you made it big and red. I do like the second page a lot better than the first though.

        Here is a thought: Don't include any information on your main page. Maybe just include some sort of a photo or illustration representing each job? As a visitor, I'm likely to click on one of them to see what you have to offer after which I'll see the "full review" and become more engaged.

        I think you can still save the work you've done as a search feature but I'm not sure it belongs on the landing page.

        At the very least, try shortening up the landing page content. On my desktop, when "Solar PV Installer" is at the top, I can't even see "Read full review" on the bottom. It's so long that I assume that it's the full thing already.

        1. 2

          Glad you found it helpful!

          Also, good feedback. We're gonna trial a couple of quick fixes. Thanks again :)

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    In case you are into Law of attraction, feel invited to check out I´m helping out a friend of mine who wants to "upgrade the law of attraction" as she puts it

    1. 1

      Couple thoughts:

      1. The site is a bit bland and is missing a header. You could describe what the site hopes to accomplish. Maybe something like, "A resource to help cultivate the Law of Attraction".

      2. Possibly too much information on the landing page, think about organizing the information so that the users can benefit from the content. The right sidebar seems too salesy/spammy. I would try and "hook" your users before trying to sell them, which may help conversion rates.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any feedback on PathViz :)

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      I like this idea but the video player was really buggy, it would autoplay randomly, the controls were unresponsive and I couldn't fullscreen it

      1. 1

        Thank you very much! Going to debug and fix it.

        For the Autoplay, there's not much I can do I believe (unless I self-host the videos or preload the player, not just the thumbnails). It's a browser restriction - the first video play it requires two clicks, after that it should be always one click.

    1. 1

      Hey @storycreator I made a video-feedback for your app, check it out!

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    Any feedback on this blog post? I had my copywriter do it up, but I am genuinely curious if the content is engaging/useful.

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    Sety is an app that'll keep you safe.
    We launched android today, but IOS is out in about a week.
    Product link:

    1. 1

      Thanks for the follow and kind words :)

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    Launching a service for newsletter creators. Our objective is to avoid email fatigue by delivering the newsletter through the channel the reader prefers. I'd like to know if the message is clear in the landing page. Thanks a lot!

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      Unconventional style of website, you have boilerplate content on your about page, better to remove it completely if it is not developed yet, FAQs should be on the homepage

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    Dictozo helps you memorising English words by highlighting them along with their definitions or translations in webpages.

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    Does Notion link counts? What do you think :) @RyanAtPathViz

  13. 1 Liked the incentive you've regarding prioritization btw :) Unfortunately I'm not from the US (so I can't quite leave any relevant reviews :( )

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      I think your report pdf might have a bug. I entered my email to receive the pdf and clicked the link to receive it. It opens up a webpage that says "your report is here" "check your inbox". Not sure where the pdf is...

      1. 0

        Oh, sorry, I haven't configured that part. Just finished writing the landing page.

        1. 1

          Just an FYI - I've been receiving several automated messages, which are all the same, and another strange email that looked quite personal (not meant for me). You might want to look into that; email me if you have questions.

        2. 1

          The landing page looks good, happy to read the pdf whenever it's live

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    Personal site. Uniques are wayyyy up but conversion to newsletter subs is crap.


  15. 1 - HTML themes made easy as pie 🥧


  16. 1

    Have been working on a solution to help end loneliness and anxiety, especially during time of isolation.

  17. 1

    Thanks @RyanAtPathViz! We just launched today, would be great to get some feedback:

  18. 1
    ## Send and manage your large file transfers.

    1. 1

      Some grammar issues which i would fix asap.

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    Please check out a privacy-focused link management platform. I know it's pretty simple right now, but if you could register for free and let me know what you think I should highlight! Super thanks!

  20. 1 Looking for feedback as we are struggling to find a suitable target audience

  21. 1

    I've just improved it today 🙄 the landing page for our flagship. Does it look a bit lame?

  22. 1

    Hi Ryan! Could you please look at Submit Juice

  23. 1

    Hey, it would be amazing if you could review my application and give me some advice to progress : Sheet SMS

    Thanks a lot :)


    1. 2
      1. Spelling error in your main header. It says, "Run more effective meeting on a single click," you might want to change it to "Run more effective meetings with a single click."

      2. I think the messaging could be misleading. I expected to be able to click the link and start using the meeting software right away. However, it prompts you to make a payment, which involves several clicks and is not what the messaging said. Something to consider :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for letting us know, the error.
        Our software has 2 category:

        1. scheduled meeting
        2. Team meeting

        In Team meeting, you have enroll your team, once and you are ready to meet with just a single click.

        Schedule meeting can be of paid, where you have to make payments and then enter the room, or just enter info, that's it. Depend on organizer.

        And yes, register/buy an bubblemeet license in order to use it. Let me know, if you have any questions.


        1. 1

          Got it. That might be worth clarifying on your site, best of luck!

          1. 1

            Yes, we are working on 2nd features, after that we will update our landing page.

    1. 1
      1. We couldn't tell what the color difference means for the job listings (orange versus white).

      2. The competitive advantage of the site isn't clear in the messaging. Why use this site over something similar? It looks like the intended advantage is being able to connect with like-minded individuals in your Slack community. This should be on the front page. Is every company that posts a listing on your page required to contribute to the channel? This should be highlighted if so.

      Hope that helps :) Also, we liked the Doge jokes

    1. 1

      Everything looks good. It might be helpful to see the date of the sample letter, but that's minor.

      1. 1

        Hey that's a good idea @RyanAtPathViz - thanks 👍

        1. 1

          No problem. One additional comment is you may want to consider adding some headers in the newsletter so that the content is easier to read. I like to navigate reading material quickly and read the parts I'm interested in.

          Unrelated: We don't have a job/career review as a brewer yet. If you have 20 minutes, it could be really interesting to read about any experience you might have in that arena. You could also plug your newsletter on our site. If you're too busy, I totally understand too :)

          1. 1

            Hey, thanks again 👍 I would love to do that but I'm actually not a brewer :) I'm making this newsletter for people like me who want to know more about the brewing process and what really goes into making a great beer.

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    Would always appreciate any candid feedback 🙏

    1. 1

      Our initial impression is the pricing seems a little high. There is no mention of what level of quality the merchandise is (or it is buried somewhere on the site). The quality of the shirt is highly determinant of whether or not we will buy it, and we're not sure what separates you from other T-Shirt companies. Hope that helps :)

      1. 1

        Great feedback, genuinely appreciate it!

    1. 1

      I know this is probably a lot of work, and may not be possible, but it would be cool if you could aggregate all of the messages and respond in place. If this exists already, you should highlight this, because that would be cool! Something like

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have feedback on PathViz :)

      1. 1

        Hi Ryan, Thanks, that would be cool for when I am vertically extending the solution.
        Your site looks cool. It is nice to see these stories and some real insights. The only thing that I am worried about is quality, how do you know these are "real" people that have worked there and for a decent amount of time

        1. 1

          Happy to help and thanks for the feedback. We'll hopefully have verification done in a couple of weeks

    2. 1

      Good job with your landing page. I understood it immediately.

    1. 1

      I don't fully understand what problem your website is trying to solve. What are the educational needs you help with? Try and make that more clear. "students find this helpful who struggle with x, y, and z, etc."

    1. 1
      1. the animated text is not always in sync with the corresponding pictures (sometimes it is).

      2. I would change the pictures so that they're easier to identify with for what you're trying to build. Right now they look somewhat related to your company, but it's not totally clear unless you look at it awhile. Maybe slow the animations down and use cartoons or pictures that are a bit more fun.

      3. Another option is to remove the animations entirely.

      4. I don't love the text being used for "Lifestyle-Concierge werden"
        "Agentur" I might consider changing it.

      Hope that helps :)

      1. 1

        Thanks Ryan! will make some changes to improve it :)

  25. 1

    Thanks Ryan, here's mine:

    Games for your next virtual hangout:

    1. 2
      1. It would be nice if you could click on the games to see more content about them. I'm not likely to download unless there is some type of hook (unless your plan is to grow through word of mouth or your existing userbase).

      2. I don't love the menu bar changing colors (to red) as I scroll down. It feels kinda strange.

      Hope that helps :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  26. 1

    I will definitely take a look at your page!

    Please give feedback on my landing page for my browser extension:

    1. 1

      Our initial impression is the website looks a bit like spam. You could consider removing most of the animations; it's possible that most people won't view the content because the landing page turns them off. Hope that's helpful :)

      1. 1

        Thanks Ryan. It's really great that you wanted to take the time to reply. I kind of realized this myself, so I am working hard on a complete make-over of my website theme. My Extension is next, I kind of realized that I have focused to much on the features and functionality and to little on the design...

        1. 1

          No problem, feel free to check back after you implement the changes.

          If you have any feedback on PathViz, let us know :)

          1. 1

            I might actually take you up on your offer, once I get the new page live!
            I like the whole Idea behind PathViz, and like the page. I am a bit unsure how large an are geografically you are targeting? Some of the reviews could really benefit that you knew what country its from.

            1. 1

              Sounds good; I hope it works out.

              Initially, we've been targeting the US/Canada, but reviews have been difficult to source, so we're pretty much open to any we can get. A country filter is on the roadmap; appreciate it.

    1. 2

      We like the idea. One thing that might be missing is a video of the end product on the initial video. As potential users, we want to see the end product; if we like the look, it will make us more likely to download and try it. "Use our software, and you can make videos like this..."

      Hope that helps :)

    2. 1

      Not OP, but I took a look as well.

      Your animated gifs/videos are really crisp and well-paced IMO. And overall your page really communicates the supported feature set extremely well, I found that very refreshing.

      Can I ask how you produced those animated gifs/videos? I am looking for something similar, would love to know what tool was used or if you hired someone, would love their info!

      Best of luck!

      1. 2

        Hey @jkchu thanks for the nice words. The animated videos were done using Aftereffects and used inside plain HTML on the website. I did my schooling in visual communication so I was able to use old learning and create this.

        My tip would be, the mouse effects and simple animations can be done by anyone who has some understanding of Aftereffects. You can hire a freelancer in Fiverr and maybe show Trainn's website and ask for a similar style :)

        Hope that was helpful! Cheers

        1. 1

          Thank you! Very helpful!

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    Hey Ryan, thanks for doing this. Please check -

    1. 1

      Good landing page. Our comment is, why should someone use your paid service when there are several cheaper (free) options out there? What about the site motivates people to complete the course content compared to other sites? Highlighting your completion rate or systems that facilitate strong motivation could be a key differentiator.

      Let us know if you have any feedback :)

    2. 1

      Not showing up for me 😐

      1. 1

        Can you please check now?

    3. 1

      Not OP, but I took a look as well! I think your landing page looks very crisp and professional, which instills trust.

      Took me a while to realize that the school was 100% online, I might recommend that might be worth adding the sub-header (2nd line).

      Not a fan of the wording in "From our old folks". I think something as simple as "previous students" might be more appropriate? Just my opinion though.

      My first question is getting a general idea what each course might look like, I didn't find much in the way of a screenshot or sample. Would be pretty important for me if I was considering purchasing.

      Overall, I think it is really solid. great polish and clear messaging for the most part. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks Justin. Really appreciate it. Will try to accomodate the changes you suggested.

  28. 1

    Hey Ryan, looks like we're in similar spaces (reviews)! Ours is

    1. 1

      I had to watch the video a couple of times to grasp how the product works fully, but I think it's a great idea.

      1. I would make the messaging that customers receive more clear on the landing page. Working in sales, the most important thing is how it will look for customers, not the actual dashboard. You could move the customer messaging to the top and give visual examples of email and SMS.

      2. going directly to is much less clear than

      Hope that helps!

  29. 1

    We just launched last Friday, would love your feedback -

    1. 1

      I love this idea. If I could somehow play Halo with co-founders at Y Combinator, that would be awesome!

      No real critiques, I signed up and hope this takes off!

      1. 1

        Thanks Ryan!! In the upcoming week, we plan to host a few gaming sessions to connects YC alumni founders with new founders to help them with W2021 application and mock interviews.

    1. 1
      1. I might suggest re-recording the video. Try and speak a little bit slower and change the music in the background; it distracts from what you have to say.

      2. There are a lot of productivity apps out there. It wasn't clear what new problem you're solving and why we should use yours instead.

    1. 1

      Why should someone use your website when there are so many other job boards that can search for remote work? I had to dig a little bit, but it looks like your value proposition is the online safety piece. In my opinion, you should highlight this on the front-page. A lot of people won't click the why section—just something to consider.

      Feel free to critque ours and reviews are always welcome :)


  30. 1

    hello Ryan, I'll take you up on your offer :)

    I just put up my redesigned landing page. Would love your feedback -

    1. 1

      I love poker + fun idea! I'll have to test this with my poker buddies. Remind me in a few weeks if I don't send a follow-up message. A couple of immediate thoughts:

      1. The color scheme is a little intense. You might want to try and mimic something like Indie Hacker, where you have two primary colors with different shades of the main color. e.g., dark blue and several different shades of dark blue. Leave your primary color for actions that are most important. e.g., Indie Hacker uses a bright pink/orange for their key buttons. You could do the same for "join game" or "settle."

      2. You could record a gif and post that on your front page, to give people a feel for the app before they download it. If the gif is compelling, it will make me much more likely to download the app and tell my friends.

      Feel free to comment on our site as well. Reviews are always welcome :)

      1. 1

        Thank you @RyanAtPath for the feedback! A video/gif is definitely something I have to work on. Will be doing it shortly. And it will be amazing if you try Chips of Fury, I'll ask you about it on email then :)

        Regarding PathViz, the home page makes sense. Quite clear to understand what you are offering. I went ahead and tried to post a review (for tech founder). I faces a few issues there :

        • In Career Details, I was confused between fields that were supposed to be my own qualifications/information vs qualifications you were asking that others should fulfil. I think this could be better organized.
        • I felt that you should also add more segmentation to the type/stage of companies the role is talking about. A tech founder role would be wildly different at a bootstrapped startup vs a Series B funded startup for instance.
        • I also cannot see my own full review without clicking on edit. I wanted to see how it is looking to the viewer.

        Hope that helps

        1. 1

          @kanily, Thanks for the feedback and the review! Happy to look at the video/gif whenever it goes live :)

          1. Good point; we'll try and clarify the experience field on the career details page.
          2. Do you think a field for company size would help solve this?
          3. We could add a preview post. Right now, we review all of the posts before they're published to avoid any harmful content from being published. Your review is now live; feel free to edit at any time.
      1. 1

        whoa! that is amazing. I am going to fix a few of the things today itself :)

    2. 1

      Ooh Poker :) I might be a target audience and I have been thinking about hosting a virtual poker night soon.

      The phone images are very stretched on Safari, they look fine on Chrome.

      I personally feel that maybe there are too many different colors.

      I would honestly love to see unobstructed screenshots of gameplay as that is what I find myself wanted to see more of.

      Color and styling of the user comments was a bit jarring. I also felt some of them didn't add much value, could maybe filter it a bit to just have the best 4?

      I'll give your app a spin, looks great!

      1. 1

        That is great to hear @jkchu! To your points..

        I'll try and fix the Safari bug, never cared to open it in Safari 🤦‍♂️

        I was trying to go for a bit of a "fun" theme. Let me try a few more color schemes though. Perhaps you are right.

        About screenshots - I think that is a great point. Let me do a better job there.

        About the user comments - again i also agree. This was the last bit of the page and I was - "just get it done with and publish man!". I think @orliesaurus also made some good points about testimonials in his video review.

        Would be awesome to hear from you once you try the app. I hope the landing page did get the point across though 😅

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  32. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  33. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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