Post what you're building and I'll give feedback! 🔨📝

I made the post on my Twitter account, but feel free to comment below if that's easier and I'll take a look and give you some feedback! 🚀


UPDATE: My startup was listed today on ProductHunt so I'm a bit more distracted than usual. I plan to continue going through every comment though throughout the day! If you look at the feedback I've given so far I hope you see it's worth the wait 😆. Thanks for understanding,

UPDATE2: Ok everyone, I'm cutting this off as of 8:30PM EST (Aug 6). I've been up for nearly 48 hours straight, getting the product hunt launch ready and then interacting non-stop during the day. If these requests keep coming in there's no way I'll be able to give quality feedback and live 😆. Hopefully the feedback I've given so far has been helpful and given you some things to think about! As always, all the best!

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    Hi, thanks for doing this :)
    I am working on a product aimed at web development freelancers and agencies. Here is the link: https://particle.systems

    Btw, Removaly is superb! I feel such products are starting to take off as people are becoming more aware of their data. Also, the explainer video is informative and nicely done.

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      I'm not OP but first thing I noticed is that you don't have a fav icon. I would also maybe add more navigation for the other sections of your site (Early access, Keep in Touch). Other than that I really like the site. The colors work very well together! Great job!

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        Thanks for pointing those issues :)
        I am doing a re-design so I will certainly incorporate those tips.

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      Thanks for the positive feedback on Removaly, much appreciated!

      As for your feedback...

      • Well done on the homepage design. I love that graphic on the right. TBH I'm not sure what your product does, I just know (or at least "think") that I can connect to something and it will give me cool functionality.
      • I wasn't sure exactly from reading the initial heading though who your product is actually for. Is it for someone who has a WP site. For someone who has no site? For someone who has custom code but then wants to do something without code?
      • If it is for web development freelancers and agencies maybe you mention that on the homepage. "The perfect solution for web development freelancers and agencies to cut their development time in half" (or however you want to phrase it).
      • When I clicked on "how this works" I got completely lost to where I was on the page. My guess would be the first button would lead to the next section of the home page rather than halfway or 2/3rds of the way down.
      • In the "how this works" you mention "widgets" several times. When I hear widgets I think of WP, but I'm not entirely sure from your site what exactly you're referring to. Maybe you mean just an individual block of code or functionality.
      • I know you're in beta but it would be a good idea to think through pricing so that people aren't shocked at what you decide when you come out of beta.

      Overall this seems like a really neat idea! Run with it!

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    Hey! I just recently relaunched https://pagespeaker.com and am open to any kind of criticism/feedback. Is there any project/website you want me take a look at?

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      That's an interesting product. However, the links aren't working for me. Is it happening for me or the links are disabled for now?

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        Hey, I was playing with a experimental script and forgot to clear the cache. How embarrassing, I'll fix it now. Thanks for pointing this out!

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          Hey, it's working now. I wanted to try the product but slammed into the signup :D Maybe offer a product preview (if possible) before requiring any signup? That is the most important lesson I learned last month. More than 70% Redditors who reviewed my website told me that they wanted to see the product in action before signing up.

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            Hey! Thanks for this valuable feedback. I've thought of allowing users to test an audit on one of their URLs before signing up - and I'm now realizing I need to implement this.

            Besides, my train of thought is that if some users were willing to pay money to try the product, I bet a lot more would be willing to sign up for free to try the product (let alone try the product without any kind of signup or paywall).

            So yeah, I think this could definitely boost conversions.

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        Not working for me on Safari either....

        1. 1

          Hey, I've fixed the issue, but it might take a few hours for the changes to propagate because of the cache. Thanks for letting me know!

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            You've probably thought of this, but would it work to bust the cache by adding a query string? Here's an article explaining what I mean: https://www.keycdn.com/support/what-is-cache-busting

            1. 2

              Nope, because that script is not on a server I control.. but it should be fixed now anyway; I'm going to try again.

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      Is there any project/website you want me take a look at?

      Now for your feedback...

      I love web accessibility and I love this product. I went to a breakout session at a conference on it a few years back and it's been more on my mind ever since! I think the hardest thing here is educating people that they need it and also showing them that you can make it "easy" for them to implement. With your landing page you hit both of these points spot on.

      One thing I would add is a video about how helpful accessibility is to hearing/visually impaired individuals. It seems you're coming hard from a legal standpoint and ease of use standpoint, but I'd throw in that third angle as well as most people don't understand just how helpful it is.

      Overall your landing page is TOP NOTCH. Thanks for sharing it here and glad I got to give it a look. Hopefully there's something helpful in there, but it's mainly just encouragement because your landing page is so good. All the best!

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        Hey, thanks so much for your feedback!

        And yes, I was actually trying to come from an ease of use standpoint but avoid coming from a "scare tactic" standpoint. Many of my competitors make it sound like you're going to get sued if you're not compliant, which is actually pretty rare, so I don't want to sell based on fear. Now that I'm going back through my copy, I do realize there's too much focus on the legal risk aspect. I will put a video on the roadmap!

        As for Removaly... it looks incredible! I gave you an update on PH - but I would have anyway because that kind of product is right up my alley. On the website there's a few things I might consider doing:

        • On the navbar, maybe use the Removaly logo instead of text saying "Removaly"
        • Also, maybe create a page just for pricing and link to it from the navbar as well.
        • I would also move the testimonials higher up on the landing page, perhaps just below the first section with the primary CTA.
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      Seems like a very cool idea but kind of surprised at some of the copy. A lot of the text is around reducing yourself from legal liability, but I didn't even know there's legal liability involved for not having accessibility resolved on your site (and figure a lot of other people don't either).

      Assumed a big part of improving accessibility is also that it helps with search?

      1. 1

        Yeah, I'm trying to avoid selling based on fear of getting sued - accessibility lawsuits are actually pretty rare, at least for smaller (most) websites. A big part is SEO, but accessibility hasn't actually been proven to help SEO in and of itself. However, there are many second-order SEO benefits of an accessible website - so basically, yes.

        1. 1

          Got it, thanks for the clarification.

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    Sweet! Just got mvp out yesterday: cryptobroadway.io

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      Nice! Some feedback:

      • I'd make it more clear that you're not a marketplace but more are a payment processor of sorts. Is that right? It doesn't look like you have buyers signed up since it says "Share the link with your customers."
      • You may want to pitch how easy and secure it is to process things through you (rather than just do it themselves). I would imagine that the other option would be for someone to just do this same thing themselves.
      • I'd add maybe some screenshots of a user dashboard (if there is one)
      • Really interesting point about your transaction fees vs. PayPal / other payment processors.
      • After looking through it, I would almost rebrand as a "PayPal for digital goods on ethereum".

      Pretty cool idea you have there. The trick now is branding it correctly and getting it out to the world. All the best!

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        Great points, I can see some immediate ways to improve. Thanks for taking a look.

        1. 2

          You're welcome! Glad it was helpful 😃

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    Congrats on your launch Kyle! Must be nerve wracking.

    Here's my project: namy.ai

    It's a tool to find domain names using AI. It's a bit early stage yet, recommendations should improve soon, but it's already launched.

    Any feedback? Any ideas on monetizing this? Any features you would like? Style feedback? Etc..

    Thanks and good luck!

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      Quite nerve wracking... it's coming to a close here soon and I'll be able to breathe a breath of fresh air hah.

      I love namy.ai. I've used it before (though haven't registered a domain through it)

      • I'd show the message that it can take 30-40 seconds right when the search fires off. I was waiting around and wasn't sure if I should refresh the page or what I should do initially.

      • You may be able to put in cool visualizations while it's searching/processing. That might make the AI experience stand out.

      • After I ran a search, I wasn't able to type something else in and click "generate". The generate button disappeared.

      • You might even try adding a "buy me a coffee" endpoint for some extra cash (not sure how much domain registrations you're getting.

      Overall I really like it. I'm not sure how much it can really scale or take off, but the tool itself is super useful and super cool! All the best!

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        600 upvotes! Congrats man. How much immediate traffic did this bring? I'd definitely write a "recap" blogpost.

        Also, thanks for the super useful feedback. Definitely a few things I hadn't considered!

        1. 1

          Good call on the recap post! I'll write one up and post it here sometime soon!

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    Hey Kyle. Appreciate the offer and congrats on the PH launch (Upvoted!). You're getting lots of sites on here but if you have time for one more, mine is https://askdigsby.com. Interested to see what you think.
    Also, we really need an explainer video but I'm struggling to know where to get one done.. Your video is great - do you mind saying how you got it made? Thanks!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the support on PH!

      For the explainer video, we filtered through Fiverr and Upwork for probably way too long and finally found someone with a style we liked. Probably just need to put in the time to flip through enough providers. It's busywork, but if you can find the right person, it's certainly worth it.

      I LOVE this concept. To be honest, I don't even think you "need" an explainer video. Of all the sites I've viewed today, yours has made the most sense to me right off the bat. The image of the phone with those texts asking questions is SUPER clear as to what it does IMO.

      My main as a user would be, have you tested this enough to be sure that just putting some information about the house is enough information? How often are questions asked that Disby can't answer? That would be interesting to know.

      Also an aside... is this ML based answering or rule based?

      I'd add some testimonials at the end of people talking about how it made their experience so much better, free'd up their time, etc.

      REALLY interesting product you have. I'm excited to see where you take it!

      1. 2

        Kyle, this is great! Really appreciate you taking the time and I'm chuffed that you like the idea. Finding gaps in what people ask and what Digsby knows has been our main focus and we think it's pretty good but more testing always helps.
        The natural language parsing is trained but once we know the topic, it's just matching that with a response. However, I can see us applying OpenAI down the road to take it up a notch.
        Thanks for the tips on the video. If there's anything you need that I can help with, let me know. 🙏

        1. 1

          Awesome, you're very welcome! And yea, the idea is great I'm excited for you!

          P.S. make sure to connect on Twitter or send me an email with your info.

          1. 1

            Great result on PH! Hope it turns into sustained business for you. Just followed you on Twitter.

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      Would like to add my two cents while @kylekrzeski gets to this

      1. Real cool website, very pleasing to look at. However, I was in a well-lit area, and your small text on purple was slightly less readable than I'd have liked it to be.

      2. I personally would like better examples of the use case for Digsby. The screenshot you show where you ask for a park, I would generally open Google Maps for a query like that cause it shows me more than just the nearest park and I'm guessing almost everyone has some Maps app installed
        Since your focus is on Airbnb hosts, a better-suited use case would be stuff like the wifi password, or what's on TV and stuff like that.

      3. Isn't the name a bit too close to Samsung's Bixby, especially considering even yours is a personal assistant of sorts

      Cool product, and wish you all the best!

      1. 2

        Awesome - thanks so much for this. Appreciate the feedback on the text and the screenshot, makes sense 👍.
        I'm not aware of Bixby, but I guess it's similar. Ours is a play on Digs (as in accommodation / lodgings). 🙏Thanks again.

    3. 1

      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

      1. 1

        Nice one. I'll check it out. Thanks!

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    Hey, thanks for helping out. Good luck on Product Hunt! You’ve got my vote!

    Here’s my site: https://www.stackii.dev/

    What is stackii?
    stackii is a site for indie hackers, side project enthusiasts and makers, who enjoy learning more about the stacks of other indie products.

    Any feedback is welcomed.

    1. 2


      • I love this idea.

      • I would add in filtering so that I can filter by only projects that use "react" or only ones using "postgesql" or maybe even a combination of both.

      • I think the hard thing for you will be to figure out how to get people to tell you everything they're using so you can have a large database of companies / startups / side-projects. I've seen a couple of these come and go, but I personally think they're a great idea.

      • I love the added bonus of rewards. Is this just a free newsletter or something else? If it's free I would definitely note that.

      • I was interested in the roadmap but I'm seeing:
        {"object":"error","status":400,"code":"invalid_request_url","message":"Subdomain 'stackiiroadmap' is invalid for this page, do you have the correct subdomain?"}

      • Keep it up, this idea has potential!

      1. 1

        Hey Kyle!

        Thanks for the feedback!

        The filtering system is something I'm working on at the moment. Never built one before so just going over the logic.

        Yeah, for me it came from my love of reading posts on IH and reddit about peoples tech/tool stack they used. My plan is to make it like the stackshare for indie hackers. At the moment people are pretty open, but of course there are some that prefer not to mention their stack which is understandable.

        The rewards feature is just something I'm figuring out at the moment not sure where it will go but it's on the cards.

        Opps, sorry I was playing around with Notion and the link must of broke. It should be back now, here is the link just incase you want to see it again.

        Thanks again for the feedback! I've got a new feature I'm planning on testing out so watch this space- haha!

        1. 1

          Sure thing, you're very welcome! Great work!!

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    Joined! My startup is rentbase.co | Providing Property Management enterprises with the necessary tools to streamline their operations at a fraction of the cost through a white-label PM solution.

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    Is there maybe a sub-community here where such a review could still take place?

  9. 1

    I am working on a collaborative workspace for growth hacking teams, here's the link: www.sprintmapp.com. Happy to receive some feedback! 🙏

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    https://oneboarder.com/ helps automate the staff onboarding & training process - ideal for remote companies :)

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    I'm working on a news analyzer to help retail investors gauge the mood of their favorite stocks in real-time! We're planning on releasing our beta this Fall. Our website: https://landing.babbl.dev

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    Hi, thanks for your awesome work <3
    I am working on https://pluddyapp.com, a site allow people create playlists base on Youtube videos and play it, also has feature to convert Spotify playlist to video playlist. It's also support video/audio mode when play. Thanks you so much.

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    Cool idea. My tool helps agencies and freelancers quickly price and scope their digital projects.


  14. 1


    A website generator. It's on break right now but I will start working on it again.

  15. 1

    This is awesome, thank you. I'm a little late to the party, but if you're up for it check out https://www.usethreadr.com (Think a generator for investor-update style and daily standup Twitter threads). Right now it's basically just text and there's no signup form because Heroku and SendGrid aren't playing nicely, but I'd love any feedback on the copy. Thank you!

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    Hey man! Saw your product! Looks awesome!

    I'm building two products.

    Happy to have your feedbacks. 🤝

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    Hey there and congratulations on the launch!

    I'm working on https://trycereal.com/ and we're coming out of beta soon so would love to get feedback on how the landing page comes across. Thanks in advance!

  18. 1

    I'm working on ScreenBud.com and I've recently been iterating on the landing page. I actually use ScreenBud a lot to provide landing page feedback in this IH section :D

    I'd be curious to hear what you think.

    EDIT: Also upvoted your launch, seems like an interesting product. Can I see whether there's something to delete about me before paying?

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    Hey! Thanks for doing this :)

    I'm working on https://abtesting.ai and would appreciate your feedback!

  20. 1

    Hey Kyle, thanks for doing this! I just launched my newsletter today, happy to receive some feedback :)

    Here it is:


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    Hi, thank you for doing this as of today.

    I am working on a product called Twayobiz. I just redid the landing page yesterday and did one of the things most recommended. (that being centering the content more) I also redid the graphics. Check it out at https://twayobiz.com.

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    Upvoted Removaly. I have started a newsletter where I'm sharing Audience-First Chrome Extension Ideas: https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/p/chrome-extension-ideas-1

    Would appreciate the feedback.

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    We're working on Hostman - an application hosting provider. https://hostman.com/
    Right now we're developing our marketplace for people to easily install the best open-source product in the cloud. Would love to hear your feedback
    P.S. your product looks really requisite these days, checking it out

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    working on https://unrealmasters.com
    i plan on launching in a few weeks

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    Hello! Kyle, I am building “Do your Damndest” A motivational app, if you fail goal, you pay money.
    Any feedback is welcomed, especially UX, design, and how to make longer LTV is much welcome.


    p.s It’s still a test mode so you can register only a dummy credit card.

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    Hey, thank you very much for your kindness. I also replied to your twitter, but I'll leave a link to my landing page here too: https://segro.app

  27. 1

    Hey, I launched https://swipetwtich.com – watch the best clips that we have specially selected for you and just have fun with your favorite streamers from Twitch!

    1. 2

      I think you put the wrong link. I switched the T and the I around in your domain to spell twitch and only then did something open.

    2. 1


      • Make sure to share the correct URL 🙂
      • I would ditch that landing page and have your homepage be the content you want people see. You can always have the content from the landing page on that next page to explain what people are seeing, but I thought it was going to ask me to put in my email but then it took me to the site.
      • Change the domain name as you probably can't use "Twitch" in your domain name to gain traction as they're not affiliated with you in any way I'm assuming.

      All the best!

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    Building https://www.puzzleblocker.com/ , a browser extension for productivity. Available for FF, Edge and Chrome. The idea is that solving puzzles before accessing distracting sites will make you want to visit them less over time.

    1. 1
      • Change the color to something less bright. The orange with the white text is hard on the eyes.

      • Pretty interesting concept. Curious, are people actually using it?

      • On this page, I'd put a video instead of a bunch of screenshots.

      • It would probably be good to add in some user testimonials as well once you have them!

      • I wonder if you can track how much time a user spends on FB/social media/wherever and then after the plugin is installed compare the time spent.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback!

        Pretty interesting concept. Curious, are people actually using it?

        It's really hard to market something this specific. How many people are actually self-reflective enough to acknowledge and admit to themselves they have a problem with procrastination?

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    Hey @kylekrzeski! We've recently updated the website of Heurio. A collaboration tool that gives the power of Figma-like commenting on any website. It cuts landing page review time in half and eliminates the administration process.


    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. 1


      • Home page is top notch.
      • Is it completely free? Are there any paid tiers? I would suggest paying at the very least for business clients.
      • There's really not much I'd change here. Your product looks fantastic!!
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    I am building a Community SDET.Club, Problem Statement is

    Not Able To Follow Online Courses 😓 Do 30 Days Challenges With Us. ✅

    Join a Slack group and share daily progress towards something over 30 days Challenges by putting money on the line.

    link - SDET.Club

    1. 1


      • Pretty sweet concept.

      • I have no idea what a "fresher" is (from your opening tagline).

      • Are you sure everyone is coming from online courses? It seems that this would apply to other things that need commitment as well.

      • "Miss a day? get charged a penalty fee" what are the penalty fees with this? And how much does someone put in initially? What is the incentive of following through with the 30 day challenge you're proposing?

      • It looks like it's a group accountability, but how large are these groups? That might be something to specify as well.

      • Interesting idea for sure. Execution is going to be the hardest part but if you get that right you could be onto something. All the best!

      1. 1

        Thanks kylekrzeki, I let me look into it

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    Hi, thank you. I have recently beta launched https://generately.ai, would appreciate your feedback.

    1. 2
      • Good clean landing page. I love the idea of integrating GPT-3 into a SaaS product

      • Signup via oauth was seamless.

      • I'm not a fan of the purple buttons / color scheme but that might just be me. Maybe a yellow or a light-blue color?

      • I'm a little confused as when I went to "my blogs" I see a list with 5 entries:
        "[email protected]/Best Camera" - I have no idea what this means. I don't see anywhere to create my own. Maybe it's a bug in the code?

      • I like the credit model. This all has a lot of potential. Good luck!

      1. 1

        Hi, thank you. I fixed the bug. Now it show blogs properly. Basically it failed when there are no blogs. Thanks again for taking time to review.

  32. 1

    I made Hot Desk, a Slack app for managing hybrid workspaces https://gethotdesk.com/

    1. 1

      Interesting! My feedback:

      • I would think of a different tagline. I think instead of "Organise your work spaces with a simple and intelligent Slack bot!" you should have the line that is currenlty the one below it: "Quick and easy capacity management of your office through Slack". The former makes me think it's something with organizing my desk or notes, but the latter makes it more clear this is for organizing/scheduling office rooms.

      • 175/month and then 750/month seem way too high IMO. I'd check how you compare in the market, but my guess is that's high

      • Overall, it's simple and easy to follow. Great work. Make sure to consider your user's feedback and improve your product from there!

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    Feedback would be awesome, thanks Kyle.

    I'm working on https://servetheteam.com, a service to help leaders develop their skills and build happier and more successful teams. I'd love to hear what you think.

    1. 1

      I love the concept here. This is awesome.

      I could see a testimonial video doing really well on your home page (i.e. "I used to be a boss that didn't really know how to manage people, now my team is thriving and business is better than ever" - or whatever the outcome is)

      You should increase your pricing. If someone is a manager and looking to sharpen their skills, they should pay more than $5 to do it and almost certainly would be willing to pay more.

      I'd almost put the "what's included" on the homepage. As I was sold on the homepage I just didn't know what I would be getting myself into if I signed up hah.

      This is an awesome product. Run with it. I wish you the best of success here!

      1. 1

        Thanks Kyle, I really appreciate the generous feedback! And good points about the testimonial and pricing too.

        If you know any managers who'd be interested then please send them my way!

        1. 1

          You're very welcome, will do!

  34. 1


    Thanks for this opportunity Kyle.

    ✨ ✨ Here is a gift 🎁 for you:

    100USD Slack credits here: https://slack.com/r/0e1drrcy-025dng83ny

    1. 1

      Landing page is great. Nice spin-wheel pop up too. I personally think that's a good idea.

      I would split test "explore designs for free" and "get started for free" and see how those compare.

      You can probably shoot your profits to the roof by adding an API in here.

      To me $50/month seems to high, but you know your user base better than I do. You may even try charging on a credit/usage basis so someone pays let's say .05 cents per file. Just an idea.

      All the best!

  35. 1

    Hi, @kylekrzeski. I'd love to hear your feedback. It is a landing page of my open-source based software business. https://www.memengin.com/
    Thank you for doing this!

    1. 1

      Really neat!

      I would segregate out what the download link is (github?) vs what are the places to chat (I'm assuming discord). Just put a big "DOWNLOAD" or "GET THE SOFTWARE" button that directs to one place. Then if you can publish, make that a separate category underneath it i.e.


      --------------- ------------
      | DISCORD | | STEAM |
      --------------- ------------

      Other than that I would just make a gallery of examples of ones that your users have created from your software. Maybe even throwing in a ranking system so people can vote on the best ones to drive engagement.

      Cool concept. All the best!

      1. 1

        Thank you for great feedback! that helped me a lot.

        1. 1

          Glad it helped! All the best!

  36. 1

    I am hoping for the launch early this autumn. https://botmenot.com/

    1. 1

      First off, great name!

      This site is great. It's very clear what you do.

      It may be worthwhile to do a case study or two on one of your early users so you can show their before and after stats as far as bot activity before and then bot activity after your service.

      After the homepage, the subpages are a bit hard to follow. I would maybe keep the text for those who want to read it that way, but then also have graphics, gifs, or better yet an explainer video of "how bots work" and whatever other topic you'd like to cover. Especially in the bot space I could see that being a cool video series.

      Also, there's nothing about pricing, though I'm assuming you just haven't gotten to it yet not that you're not planning to disclose that to visitors hah.

      The big thing here is going to be proving your value. My guess is most people would say, "that's not really a problem for me." so you may need to do some extra convincing to show people it truly is a problem.

      All the best, this looks promising!

      1. 1

        Thank you very much for such detailed feedback! We're already working on some of the things that you've mentioned, so it's great to know that we're thinking alike. :)

    2. 1

      Interesting product :)
      I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

      1. 1

        Thanks! If you are interested, you can signup for beta users.

        1. 2

          I did signup on the homepage

          1. 1

            Thanks! We'll get in touch with you by email within next 2 weeks (because of holiday season)

  37. 1

    Hi Kyle, Breeze is a Website Management tool, I am planning to go public beta. Are you able to give some valuable feedback?



    1. 1

      Hey, sure thing!

      My first impression is that, "All-in-one tool for Website Managers" is too broad. I've managed hundreds of websites and I'm not sure what an "All-in-one" tool would entail from that.

      Then when clicking on the video I was expecting a short 30 second to 2 minute video explaining things, but it looks like it's 11 minutes +. To me a video like that should go behind an email optin or at least a button click of the user indicating they want to take a deeper dive.

      That said, I do love the simplicity of the website. The header is nice. It has the right amount of content. Color scheme is good. Overall good job thinking through this.

      The one last thing I'd say is you should pitch "Why" someone actually needs this. After reading through the home page, I'm still uncertain why I can't just do all of this with cPanel. You may want to highlight the pain points you're solving with this which would drive visitors to see their need of this product.

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Thanks you for taking your time and leaving feedback @kylekrzeski

        I didn't have a video production so decided to a simple produce overview. I take your advice and will a shorter snappier video.

        Didn't think one would compare it with cPanel, you got my thinking going, I need to do a better job explaining what the product does.

        1. 1

          Glad it got you thinking! My word isn't law so take it as you'd like. Just trying to help fellow indie hackers! All the best!!

  38. 1

    Hey! this is our Mobile App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airbooks , an accounting & inventory app for SMB.Would love to hear your feedback pls.

    1. 1

      I like the video. One thing I would change is that it's pretty hard to see what's going on in the mobile device so I found myself just looking at the same sentence for 10 seconds. I'm not sure exactly how to change that, but if you're not able to make the device itself fill up more of the screen, then maybe you make the transition to the next slide shorter.

      I'm assuming you have competitors in the space? What are you offering that they are not. I see you mention clickable business cards, but that doesn't seem like a groundbreaking feature. To me I'm not sure from this why I wouldn't just use PayPal or something similar.

      I will say your graphics are very nice. Everything looks clean and well done but I go back to the point of finding a way to differentiate in the market. Best of luck!

      1. 1

        Thank you for your feedback, Airbooks is more of an Inventory & accounting app on mobile only which works offline & online. The features are tailored for Small manufacturers, retailers , distributors etc globally. Once you login to the app, you will be more clear. yes we will get another improved version on the video.Thnx :)

        1. 1

          Awesome, makes sense! All the best!

  39. 1

    This is my personal website www.lelinta.com, I don’t know if there is any chance of doing this now

    1. 1

      It looks like this is just the theme you used with pre-populated data (as I see "Wordpress Dropship Store Builder") so I'll go ahead and hold off on feedback until your content on there. Definitely reach out again once it's ready!

  40. 1

    Just redesigned our home page and would love to get some feedback - https://mergeos.com

    1. 1


      • Sweet name. IMO "OS" is a little too dark, if it were me I'd pick a lighter gray color for it.
      • The home page is clean and easy to follow. Good job on the redesign. I would say though that there may be too many words. It might just be me being lazy at 2am 😆
      • I'm not following what your sales pitch actually means: "Automatically generate Word, Excel & PDF documents from online forms or CSV uploads" and "Convert your manual documents into dynamic ones ". Test out what you have first, but you might try rephrasing these as pain points (i.e. "Is your business filling out forms and recording results manually? We automate this process for you!"
      • ^ that being said, it looks like you're doing a lot of COOL stuff with mergos, I just can't understand as an average person how or why I would use your site. I see at the bottom you say, "make your office more efficient" which you may want to bring to the top so people know right off the bat if they have a business they could use your tool.

      Those are just some initial thoughts. It's getting late here or I'm sure I'd have more hah. Again, it looks like what you built is super cool. I think tweaking your wording on some of this would really highlight how you solve a business' pain point.

      Best of luck!

      1. 1

        That's awesome feedback! Thank you.

        1. 1

          You're welcome! I'm excited to follow your progress! 🚀

  41. 1

    Hi! Thanks a lot for doing this. I'm building https://smol.pub, a tiny blogging service. Would love your feedback!

    1. 1

      Sure thing! Some feedback:

      • Cool concept!
      • You should update the UI. I think that would do wonders for conversions / new signups.
      • I'd make clear how you're different than other blogging services. Why use you over WordPress?
      • I'd section out your manual page to make it easier to quickly find what you're looking for. Maybe even a search box.
      • As mentioned, I think the biggest thing is differentiating yourself. It seems you have some neat points about not having ads or tracking. That might be a route to go with this.

      Overall it seems you put a lot of thought and work into it so far. All the best!

  42. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  43. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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