Post your business idea, I'll tell you how to build it in no code

Post your business idea and I'll reply with what no code tools you can use to build it without any code!

For example - if you want to build a paid membership mobile app, I'd recommend using Glide + Memberful.

For some inspiration, you can check out https://nocode.mba/interviews for examples of profitable no code projects.

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      Hope to learn more about Noco soon!

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        Would you be open to doing an informational interview? I'd love to get your thoughts on our current direction.

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          Yes! just send me an email at [email protected]

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    A lot of great suggestions here.

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    What if I want to build a no-code platform? Is it possible to build it with anything no-code?

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    Hey Seth! What about building a SaaS analytic platform. Data is collect through 3rd part APIs and user upload of csv files. The data is shown to the users via different standard dashboard. Data manipulations must be applied before showing data to users.

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    Thank you there, how about productivity app for research and collecting informations from the web (webapp + chrome extension)

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      Hi! Could you provide a bit more detail on what the app would do?

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        Thanks for your reply,
        The app should collect, save and tag online resources like bookmarks highlighted text through extension to have a structured research base in web app.

        I'm developing the app myself right now because I haven't found how to do it with no-code platform because they are very limited.

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          Unfortunately I don't know of any no code chrome extension builders. It's been a common request so hopefully it will be built soon

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    Okay - got one. An alarm clock.

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    Hi. What would you recommend for a responsive webform that would populate a standardized PDF, such as an IRS tax form?

    By responsive, I mean when someone answers a question with a "no" it jumps ahead to the next applicable question, skipping all the non applicable questions that would be for a "yes" answer.

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      I would look into connecting Typeform with Eledo PDF generator using Integromat https://support.integromat.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010827379-Eledo-PDF-generator

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        Awesome, I'll check it out. Thanks!!

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          Cognito Form can do everything and more in one app. Mega powerful. Very high learning curve in getting the document to look just right though.

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            Thanks! Looking at it now

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        Hi Josh, I've worked on a similar thing for a client recently. Can you share more on this workflow you want?

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    I see you recommending Bubble for a lot of the complicated ideas here.

    I'm curious - do you identify a line where you feel no-code can't be used? If so, where is that line?

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      Yup, for most desktop web apps that have complexity (a platform exchanging money, for example) Bubble is the best right now, although Bildr is a new platform to check out as well.

      For mobile apps, Glide is fantastic, also Draftbit and Adalo are ones to look into.

      Hard to say exactly where the line is. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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        @sethk is right. Bubble is great for complex buiulds like bringing thrd part api and their extensive plugins makes it great for full stack customization on the functional side. The design side is not as great but i hear they are working to fix that. Bildr looks amazing and Im told that it is a cross of webflow (Design) and Bubble(Functionality).

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        Here's some that would be interesting for me:

        • Something where the result is an API instead of a user interface
        • A WYSIWYG editor (for example, a landing page generator product)
        • Something that uses machine learning models

        Any of these things able to be created yet with no-code?

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          I'd check out https://www.integromat.com/en/integration/3777-train-your-monkeylearn-machine-learning-model-with-a-google-sheets-dataset in terms of machine learning.

          Bildr.com may be able to create a landing page generator, from what I've been hearing about it.

          Integromat may also have the ability for the result to be an API, but I'm not sure if it's possible.

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    Good idea, @sethk - nothing to pitch right now, but I'd like to know how you stay up-to-date with what's available

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      @marclar thanks! I create no code tutorials at https://nocode.mba, so I stay up to date on all the newest tools

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    I want to build monthly subscription website that generates prompts for users with GPT-3.

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      I'm not familiar with GPT-3 unfortunately, don't have access yet :(

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    Drop-in audio (like Clubhouse) but for work teams.

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      I love this idea - drop me an email, we might be able to help you build it using our Mobile Workflow tool.

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      Not sure you can build this with No-code. Perhaps with bubble.io

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    I am looking to build a buymeacoffee kinda site, with features to have live sessions with the creator, creator being able to send personal video message. please help me with this regards.

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    Hi Seth- Thanks for putting this post together. How about this: Someone wanting to build an HVAC inventory management system that allows warehouse personnel to record the check out of "kits" (preconfigured bundles of part) by field workers, & then record their return, including what parts are remaining (to reflect inventory deltas). Ideally would love to incorporate barcode scanning on the kits. Was thinking Airtable on the back end but having trouble figuring out what to use on the front end for the warehouse personnel to select kits per job & identify parts returned, etc. Any suggestions?

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    @sethk how would you go about building a social group buying platform like Pinduoduo?
    Main features:

    1. Two pricing options where you need to persuade your friends to join your purchase to unlock discounted prices via whatsapp, social media and QR code scanning. Something like this https://sharebuy.io/
    2. Member and brand dashboard
    3. Review rating system
    4. Personal recommendation based on user search history
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    Hi Seth, thanks for this! I have two concepts that I’d appreciate feedback on, any thoughts on the following ? 1.) an avatar generator online or mobile similar to bitmoji 2.) a site and the workflow around customized templates like lovebookonline.com

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      For 1, do you just want an output of an avatar? What should the user be able to do with it once it's created?

      For 2, I'd use bubble, although you can probably do an MVP with Glide.

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        For 1 - creation of the avatar via choosing a design and/or overlapping design files (PSD, transparent png or similar) and then copy and pasting various images (avatars saying different phrases) into messages or via keyboard

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          Got it! Unfortunately I'm not sure how I would do that

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    I would like to build a web app which allows companies/individuals to build onboarding tutorials for remote onboarding of clients, employees etc

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      I'd probably use bubble for this!

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    I would like to build a community-based customer review platform that allows users to sign up and post detailed reviews of their experience with a company/product including a star rating system for specific pre-selected features. Additionally, I would like there to be the option of selecting certain products and comparing their features/benefits side by side.

    It would also be great if there could be some web crawling for updated data on product features and information from the company's website.

    What would you recommend?

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      I'd use Glide (if you wanted to optimize for mobile) or Bubble to optimize for desktop. You can likely use an API with bubble to pull in information.

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    A shopping list/database app, with an option to allow scanning a barcode of a product and keep it in the list.

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      Not sure how to enable scanning a bar code with no code unfortunately

      1. 1

        Yeah :-)

        I haven't found a tool that can do it. Mostly due to how restrictions are implemented on various OSes.

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    hi @sethk, sorry for the later question. How would someone build a site like https://pttrns.com with no code. thanks

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      That is a perfect use case for Webflow (store the content in their CMS) + Memberstack to charge for premium access

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    need a dashboard for my customers to be able to order services like a real SaaS ,
    need to communicate with our providers by api

    really appreciated,

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      I'd look into bubble

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    Thanks @sethk. How about Dating?

    Let’s “aim high” with: Gallery, Chat, Discovery/Search, Sortable lists, Event listings/Calendar, Favouriting, Stickers/Virtual gifts, Camera/file system access, User profiles/access privileges, Membership/Unlocks/Subscription, Account management

    1. 1

      I'd use Glide, although you could also use Adalo. I have a tutorial for this in Glide :) https://www.nocode.mba/courses/tinder

      You could combine this with this tutorial for paid memberships: https://www.nocode.mba/courses/allrecipes

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    @sethk how would you go about building a Freelancer marketplace platform like marketerhire.com ? where you can manage freelancers and clients in one portal?

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      I'd use Webflow as the front end! I'd use Typeform to collect applicants and then also use Typeform for customers to reach out

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    Hi There,
    Looking to create a "Kickstarter" type site. (Pledges/campaigns + purchase of items to achieve a goal) We're building the front-end UI using Webflow. What do you suggest?

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      Hmm. I think Bubble would be the best for this. You could always use Webflow as your marketing site and bubble as the app.

      1. 2

        Thanks for that man!
        How is bubble's speed? I have looked into some of their templates and they seem quite lagging/slow ?

        1. 1

          no problem! Bubble can be a bit slow, although I think they are working to improve the speed. Also I think certain bubble apps are faster than others depending on how they are built. But that is a limitation of bubble! You could also check out bildr.com which I have't used yet but I've heard good things.

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    Hello, is it possible to build a website to show products on sale in other websites, like web crawling e-commerce stores to show their products?
    Is it possible to do that without code? Thanks!

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      Hmm. You can likely use Integromat with https://proxycrawl.com/ and push that data to Webflow

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    Is it possible to build a wishlist app for mobile?

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      Yes definitely! I'd use Glide or Adalo

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    I would like to build a landing page to promote a website, where people can leave their email addresses, and at the same time I would like to add a web feed on the landing page showing articles from websites I select, something like a RSS reader.
    Is it possible to create something like this without any code?

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      AWS has a great user management platform. https://aws.amazon.com/cognito/ checkout. The only gripe the MAU base price could skyrocket.

    2. 1


      I would use Carrd.co as the landing page & email collection.

      And embed https://feed.mikle.com/ as the RSS feed on the site

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    Hello, how would you go about building a site like niche.com or areavibes.com with no code tools? In other words, I’m looking to build a site with curated info, data visualization, and ratings.

    1. 1

      Hi! Webflow is perfect for this because of their CMS.

      If you have a lot of data to upload, I would recommend using Google Sheets or Airtable as your database and then using Integromat to push the data to Webflow.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the recommendation! I was honestly expecting you to suggest Bubble. I think I’ve undervalued Webflow. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to build a dynamic page if I wasn’t using their CMS for the database.

        1. 1

          No problem! Yup, Webflow is amazing

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    What about an app for ecommerce shops that integrates with Shopify and helps shop managers run A/B tests for product prices?

    1. 1

      Hi! Unfortunately I'm not aware of any No-Code way to build shopify apps. It would be a great tool if someone built it!

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    I really need software or a web app, that could help me create focus mockup for FnB industries that could lower cost for content marketing for restaurant. Can i build this with no code?

    1. 1

      Hi! Can you please elaborate on the idea? What is a "focus mockup for FnB"?

      1. 1

        hi, thanks for your reply.
        Basically it's a mockup generator but only for food

        1. 1

          Got it! Yes, you definitely could do this. I'd check out https://www.bannerbear.com/ and use Zapier to automate the image creation

          1. 1

            Hi Seth, thanks for the suggestion. I've tried using it but i don't think they could adjust with the template that i have. And i don't think they could adjust to the template that i have. Any other approach?

            1. 1

              Sorry, I'm not sure of any other approach :(

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    Hey there, thanks for this golden topic !

    What could I use to make a phone app, based on geolocation, that list coffee shops and restaurants around that are open, not full.. make a favorite list for each users and some other stuff ?

    1. 2

      I would use Glide for this! You could also use Adalo if you wanted a native app instead of a progressive web app. Glide will be easiest though. You may want to check out https://www.nocode.mba/courses/zillow

      1. 1

        Hey thanks, i'll definitely check Adalo that seems to be a good fit to my needs!

        That thread is so helpful btw, such a good idea!

        1. 1

          Sounds good and glad to hear that!

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    Hi @sethk, im planning to build a tool that generates a profile - user persona based on Social Media // public data :). Im building some tests using Machine Learning, but im not developer and I have no experience in Python.

    I will need apply some text-mining techniques. Any advice could be useful for me.

    Thanks you!

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    Hey, great thread so far. I’ve already learned a lot.

    How about a site where companies can advertise their service or tool, based on a subscription model.

    So they go to the site, sign up to pay $x monthly, then can create and edit their ad/post.

    The home page then hosts a view for users to search and filter the posts to find the tool or service they’re looking for.

    1. 2

      Awesome! For this I would use Webflow for the site and Memberstack to handle membership payments.

      1. 1

        Thanks @sethk, but how would you handle dynamic data, like users editing their profile/post? You’re able to show/hide content with Memberstack, but you can’t show or edit different data based on who’s logged in just with these two tools integrated.

        1. 1

          You can have a "dashboard" page using Memberstack. You do have to integrate Zapier as well this tutorial would be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-_rGcBQLzE

          You also could use Glide to handle logins / memberships and let users edit from Glide and use Zapier to push that to Webflow.

          You also could build the whole thing in Bubble, so there's a few different ways to handle it!

          1. 1

            Thanks @sethk, all good ideas. I think I will try the Webflow dashboard idea first, as I prefer Weblow’s accessibility.

            This thread is thoroughly interesting, keep up the great work.

  32. 1
    1. User creates secure account.
    2. User fills out survey to get a premium; premium provider gets user info via email for fulfillment, survey data goes to DB for that user.
    3. KEY: User gets 4-question SMS survey each week. DB must log responses for each user.
    4. Management gets quarterly reporting.
    1. 1

      I'd use Glide apps to allow users to create an account. Fr a SMS survey you could use Twilio + Zapier to collect responses in a Google Sheet (which is connected to Glide). You could also do the survey directly in Glide. I'd then use Integromat to run quarterly to send results to management, or Management could have their own section in the Glide app to view analytics

  33. 1

    I’m curious if it’s possible to build a no-code app (presumably web or desktop) with spreadsheet functionality? Something akin to Google Sheets/Excel.

    Would be for financial forecasting/projections

    1. 2

      Is there a reason you wouldn't use excel or google sheets themselves?

      1. 1

        Or is the idea to have an app with google sheets embedded?

        1. 1

          The idea would be to have a purpose built financial modeling/forecasting/budgeting tool -- Excel & Sheets are both great for that, but also have notable flaws. There are a number of large ERP solutions, but none that I'm aware of maintain the flexibility of spreadsheets.

          I don't have much technical knowledge so feel totally clueless as to how possible it is to build something like this. Basically core spreadsheet functionality w/ extra features built around it.

          1. 1

            You might like Glide. You can build all your core spreadsheet functionality in a google sheet as the backend and have an app user interface as the front end. @mgoldstein

            1. 1

              Thanks for the thoughts! Working on building some more traditional/non-software tools at the moment, but will certainly check Glide out as I think more about a potential SaaS offering down the line. Very much in the beginning stages of building a consulting/content/product business at the moment.

              Last question (for now!) -- is Glide particularly suited to any of web/desktop/mobile apps, or does it work with all of them well?

              1. 2

                It's more suited to mobile, but they do have a desktop view and are constantly improving their product.

          2. 1

            Something like Airtable, Notion, Coda.io?

  34. 1

    I kind of like this as a micro consulting biz. I get hit up all the time for stuff for noco that isn't a good fit.

  35. 1

    Awesome Thread!! here's mine.

    I need to create a niche-content platform similar to Medium.


    • 200-word limit + 250char title posts
    • vanity Profile page
    • Comments
    • like / dislike on posts
    • posts are tagged by industry. Allowing for search by industry and text
    • invite-only exclusive roll-out
    • Posts are share-able on other social media
    • Bonus: linkedin login, profile creation etc.
    1. 1

      There's a few different ways you could do this. You could use something like bubble.io or bildr.com to build the whole platform on one tool.

      The way I would personally get started with something like this would be to use Webflow to build out a blog with categories etc. You could use https://www.jetboost.io/ to help with searching / filtering.

      I'd then have your writers submit their posts in using Glide where they can also create their profile, and then use Zapier to push their post to Webflow. This is a more complicated project no matter how you do it because of all the features :)

  36. 1

    Hi Seth,
    An app or website where people upload pictures that they want to print, the app checks for quality before validating the upload, we print the pictures and notify client when they can pick them up.
    a mix of wetransfer and photobox of some sorts :)

    1. 1

      By notify client when you pick them up - would this be a local service?

  37. 1

    A marketplace for Real Estate listings

    1. 1

      You could use Glide for this!

      I actually have a tutorial already for a Zillow clone: https://www.nocode.mba/courses/zillow

  38. 1

    An app that rewards reducing phone or computer screen time by reimbursing a monthly subscription based on a goal and time (not) used.

    don't mind the flawed business model ; )

    1. 1

      Hmm, this I'm not 100% sure about. There may be a screentime API that you could integrate with Bubble, but I'm not aware of one off the top of my head

      1. 1

        No problem, had not heard of Bubble anyway - I am not aware of many of the no-code tools but am curious about them for our next app.


  39. 1

    How about some existing well known product, a blog platform:

    • Create users
    • Users create blogs
    • Upload files
    • Publish (draft, schedule)
    • Analytics
    1. 1

      I'd definitely use Bubble.io for this - you could have users who create their own blogs that they publish. I'm not 100% sure if users could host those blogs on their own domain though.

  40. 1

    fiverr type platform for financial niche services

    1. 1

      sharetribe would also do the job beautifully

    2. 1

      I'd use Webflow for this, and use Zapier or Integromat to connenct the CMS database to Airtable or Google Sheets. If you needed to facilitate the actual payment, I'd use Bubble and use their Stripe plugin.

  41. 1

    User would upload a spreadsheet of their work rota, app would calculate hours per week/month etc, app would convert spreadsheet into calendar data user could import to their calendar app of choice.

    1. 1

      Can you clarify what "work rota" is?

      1. 1

        Their shift pattern over a month - e.g.
        Date. Start. End.
        1/1/20 08:00. 17:00
        2/1/20. 08:00. 20:00

        1. 1

          Got it. Would this be something one user is using, or do you want to create a platform that many people could use?

          1. 1

            Ideally a platform that many people could use.

  42. 1

    Simple Web To-Do app with recurrent reminders (remind me every 2 hours via email until I mark the task as finished)

    1. 1

      For that I would use Glide which is connected to Google Sheets. You could use Glide to create a task, and then use Zapier to email yourself every 2 hours until you mark the task as completed

      1. 1

        Thanks, but if I have to pay $20-49 a month for Zapier to have this functionality, I'd rather use an already built app on the market :D

        1. 2

          Ah, if you're only doing it for yourself, I'd just use Todoist which is free :)

  43. 1

    VR/360° Video Sport Experience. No real interaction needed just google cardboard/VR Headset + Smartphone

    1. 1

      Unfortunately I'm not sure how to do anything in VR :( Maybe someone reading the comments will have some thoughts.

      1. 1

        wow, thanks for the quick respond!

  44. 1

    A Platform for SaaS Webapps. Good luck 😆

    Maybe not the whole thing but I’m sure there are parts that can be done with no code like the subscription 🤔

    1. 1

      That's a little too broad :) Is there a specific SaaS app you are thinking of?

  45. 1

    Funnel and Page building software a La "ClickFunnels" or "Simvoly"

    1. 1

      @CraneCarter do you want to have something like clickfunnels for yourself? Or do you want to build a platform like clickfunnels that others can use?

        1. 1

          In that case, I'd recommend bubble.io as that is going to be more complicated to build.

  46. 1

    Would love to hear a no code stack for www.decisiondonkey.com. Web app only right now.

    • Collaborative Pro/Con list + Catalog of all Past Decisions each user makes
    • User sign in + way to add users to a team.

    Is this possible in no code?

    1. 1

      @tyler_johnson I'd recommend learning Bubble for an app like that.

      You could also use Glide which is easier to pick up in my opinion, but it's optimized for a mobile web app (but does have a desktop version).

  47. 1

    I want to have people pick their tech stack from a list of options and drag and drop it into a stack, then have it calculate the monthly costs before they start and be able to send themselves a list.

    1. 2

      I'd recommend using Glide for this. You wouldn't have the dragging ability, but users could select the stack they want and you could automatically calculate the monthly costs for the user.

      1. 1

        That looks great but it seems to be mobile-only. Is there any option for building a non-mobile web app?

        1. 2

          Piggybacking on Seth. This would be extremely easy to do with Bubble.io. There are built-in features and plugins that support drag and drop interfaces for users.

          I use Bubble.io for many of my projects and I could probably build this in one day. If you've never used it before I realistically think you could have it up and running in 5-7 days. Good luck!

        2. 2

          Yes! You could use Bubble (a little more complicated to learn, but your use-case is fairly simple). Also https://www.bildr.com is in private beta right now but I'm hearing some great things about it.

          You may also be able to build a version of your idea using Typeform Calculations https://help.typeform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029250492-What-is-Calculator-

          1. 1

            Thanks to you both! I will check them out.

  48. 1

    My idea is web builder like wix, how to make it with no code? I'm curious

  49. 1

    Followed. That is extremely valuable knowledge to have :)

    1. 1

      How could I build a no-code platform that;
      Dynamically reads the authorized users Google Contacts
      Allows those contacts to be used within a customized database
      And allows the manipulation of the other fields within that database via a web front end?


  50. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  51. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 1

      Hi! What would the course look like that the employee takes?

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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