Post your link and I will test it out as a regular user for free

I created a Google sheet of all links posted as of now for providing feedback. I will update it when new ones are added.

Thanks for posting links - gimme 1-2 days to test out since there are many.

Post your app/service link in comments and I will test it as a regular user for free.
I will try to cover these flows Signup, Sign in, Major flows, Mobile responsiveness, etc, and provide my feedback in Google sheets.

Two reasons: It is a holiday here and I have nothing much to do. Second, I want to give back to the Indiehacker community in some way and I found this as a suitable one.

I am Software engineer with 12 years of experience. I have built multiple side projects in the past and currently actively working on Blanq.

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    Hi Shashank,

    Thanks but can you only give us your feedback on the page. Probably faster for ya, and because our workflows are meant to be done with us (us and the customer).

    We're @ berlocks.com - Accountability for founders



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      I have tested basic steps https://blanq.io/google-sheet-feedback. Go to your tab. I wish I could spend more time but have so many requests.

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        Thank you!
        No worries, the feedback is already solid! I like it.

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      Submit Blanq on SaaSHub, and I will get it featured on the homepage for 2 days ;)

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        Thank you. I will check out

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    Thanks a lot...

    Would love to get your thoughts on: https://www.prospercircle.org

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    Thank you, that would really help a lot. http://www.simpletasking.com

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    thanks - would love to get your feedback on my new web appp CrwdCoach.com.

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    Always interested in fresh eyes. Thank you.

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    https://portabella.io, looking forward to your feedback!

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    https://plyian.com - it would be great for your project (if any).

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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