February 4, 2020

🔥🔥Post your SAAS landing page and I'll do a five min video review today

Oliver Meakings @olly

UPDATE 2: Sorry I got so many requests and I can't review the, all, please visit roastmylandingpage.com if you'd like to book a review.

UPDATE: The response has been overwhelming. I am going to try to respond to every landing page request with my thoughts and suggestions. It won't be today as it's now 2300 GMT. But I will continue tomorrow evening and Thursday day. Thanks for being patient.

I'm going to review SAAS 10 landing pages today. Just post the link to your SAAS landing page and I will respond with a 5 min video review.

I'm a London-based marketing expert working with several bootstrapped and seed-funded startups.

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    Not a SaaS, but I'd appreciate a review regardless. :)

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      For me your product is great! (finding no visa countries with nice preview).
      Additional information about countries is optional for me.
      Add map view and visa on arrival filter, please.

      Added to bookmarks for the future ;).

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        Thank you! Yes I will add those filters and maps shortly. Was waiting for someone to request. 🙂

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            Dude, this is so valuable. You did a great job highlighting new ideas. It's also great to see how you interact with the product as it brings to light certain things that I thought were evident but are not.

            Honestly, this is very helpful. Please do let me know if I can help you in any way.

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    Hey Olly !
    Thanks a lot for the proposal it is amazing I am really looking forward for your video and your feedback!
    Could you please let me know what you think : https://sheetsms.xyz ?


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        Hey @Olly! Thanks a lot for your video it is brilliant and you gave me a lot of really useful and great advice !
        I will move forward and start to implement the changes you suggest!
        Thanks a lot for such a useful and nice initiative 👍

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        @olly brilliant video! It’s not my product but I watched the whole thing and got very useful insight for my own landing page.

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    Hey Olly, I know you were doing this a few days ago but my page wasn't ready then. I was really hoping you could do one of your awesome video reviews of it!

    Hope you get a chance to look! :)


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        I really appreciate it Olly! I'm going to work on the things you mentioned.

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    I would really appreciate if you would give me your thoughts on our app http://www.curistech.com

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    Hi Oliver,

    If you're still doing reviews, I would love to get one for: https://www.regirank.com/

    Thank you!

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        Thank you @olly for the review, it's very insightful I will try to change most of the things that you've suggested.

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    Hey Oliver. Interesting initiative. I'll appreciate your feedback
    Our SaaS is a nocode platform https://tabbli.com
    Have a great day.

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    Hey Oliver, Just wanted to say I've been watching some of your reviews and they're great, so thanks!

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      No worries @Freeboots thanks for commenting! It feels really rewarding to get unsolicited feedback like that.

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    Freelancer Tool for Scheduling

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      Hi @ejntaylor

      I really liked your landing page and I fall within your buyer persona. Here's some suggestions for you, and I'd love to hear any feedback you may have:


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    If you still have some time left: www.siteguru.co, an onsite SEO audit tool.


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    I have a non-SaaS platform, https://topiqs.online, should the many review requests you have already received be too little for you. (Anyway, this is a great thread)

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    A people success platform for managers and team leads to build a high performance team culture.

    I currently have no images on the page but would appreciate feedback in regards to messaging.

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    Thank you so much in advance. Here is our landing page. We are also a bootstrapped startup :)

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    Colors & Fonts, A curated library of colors, fonts and resources for web developers & digital designers.

    I am having issues in the newsletter page. I am not convinced 100%..


    Thank you so much I really appreciate this.

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    I did on this own and new to making websites. I want to improve and would love to see your feedback :)

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    Hey Olly, I'd love some feedback on my landing page :)

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    https://uppington.io SaaS-ish/service-ish...

    Would love you feedback.

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    Would appreciate the feedback: https://screenshotcreator.com. Thanks 🙏

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    Hii, it's not 100% ready, but here it is :D

    Thank youu!


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    watercoolertrivia.com if you've got the time!

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    Here's mine: https://typehut.com


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    Let's see what you think @olly https://bulletlist.co/

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    Hi, here is my german SaaS website about making better business meetings.


    Thanks for your review :-)

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      Hi @WhiteNoise

      Here you go. I'd love you to find a more powerful way to present your product:


      Any questions let me know.

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        Thanks so much for reviewing my website! I like your report style and the actions steps you propose . Your comments are very clear and with the screenshots always easy to understand. Guess I will have some work to redesign the page but I think it will be worth it. Thanks again, five stars ***** ;-)

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    Not finished yet so there are missing functionality, pages so allow for this please :)

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      Hey @hosshams

      Thanks for submitting formito. I had fun reviewing your landing page. My feedback is here:


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        Hi @olly,

        Thank you so much. I'm planning to redesign the landing page in a few weeks and would definitely include much of your feedback especially educating visitors about the problem.

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    Thanks for helping out :)

    My current landing page is to validate the idea. I am yet to launch the product.
    Your inputs will definitely be helpful for me. Thanks again!


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      Hey @stefanolaru

      Thanks for submitting your page. I've recorded a video with feedback here for you:


      I think your challenge is to educate non-engineers of the problem with plain language and specific examples. If you can do this you have a great starting point from which you can introduce your solution.

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        Thanks a lot @olly, that's really helpful!

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    We appreciate the help :)

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      Hey Pedro

      No worries. I've detailed my feedback here in a quick video. Hope there is something of use that you can implement here:


      @Pedro_M Please let me know any feedback.

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        @olly Just finished watching the video. Thank you for the feedback Oliver!

        There is definitely quite a few things you mentioned that we can implement and I even got a few more ideas watching you interact with the site.

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      Hey Hatcher

      As I mentioned in the video I know nothing about this industry, but here's my feedback based on what I think will increase conversions:


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        Hey Olly, really appreciate your feedback i'll be taking it all into account.

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    Hey @olly I'll bite. Thank you for this offer. Please see https://hashtag-generator.io/

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      Hey @osakasaul

      Thanks for submitting your page. Here's some feedback that covers your landing page and some ideas I had for user acquisition. Please let me know if I've understood what you're doing correctly: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19yph6vEx5C_kCx-DxYPbArvuo3ubfGr8/view

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        Thanks so much, @olly! We greatly appreciate the feedback.

        As for the core points, I do hope this does not come off as defensive but:

        What we're most aiming to do is direct to https://ritetag.com - and the press/testimonials are linked at the bottom - http://help.ritekit.com/en/articles/2139390-ritekit-product-testimonials-citations and there's probably some proof in the featured in and used and trusted by sections at the bottom of https://ritetag.com

        Will take to heart the suggestions about appealing to consumer and business customer types based on outcomes they can expect based on using the hashtags generated by the app.

        Thanks again and please let me know if I can ever do something for you.

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