Post your Twitter Handle and introduce yourself to the "Creator Economy" members!

As this group is fast-growing, I thought it would be nice to present yourself and know each other better. 😎

Let me start 👇

I'm Eliot, a 23yo French guy. I'm writing about Consumer Social, Gen-Z and Creator Economy on Twitter and IndieHackers. My main goal is to empower all the creators to build things, helping them fulfill their visions and dreams to live from their passion. That's why I created this group, with the vision to create a group where we could all share and help each other.

You can follow me on Twitter and take a look at my personal website. Please don't hesitate to hop into my Twitter. I would be happy to discuss further the creator economy with you! 🔥

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    Hey IH, I'm Ryan :)

    I run growth at Teachable.com, a company in the creator economy space.

    I also share learnings helping over 100k creators sell $1B+ in courses/coaching, and the creator economy:


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      Welcome to this group, hope you'll enjoy! 👍

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    Hey all, 👋
    I'm Sanket. I'm a Software Developer, working in the industry from the last 5+ years.
    I'm building No Code tools and it's currently brewing.
    I started blogging last year, September, 2020, https://boxpiper.com/. It's a blog for Tech, Product, Money, Books, Life.
    My Twitter handle: http://twitter.com/sanket_dude/
    Blog Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/boxpiperapp
    I also publsied a product in Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/oeYGh,
    An AFFILIATE PROGRAMS MASTER LIST that work in 2021. 50% of revenue will be donated to NGO's.
    You can follow me on Twitter, DM me, and do consider buying my product, https://gumroad.com/l/oeYGh. Creator economy is 🔥.

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    I'm Larry, I live in SF. You can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/parttimelarry. I run a YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/parttimelarry. I explore the intersection of software engineering and financial markets. I post video tutorials on stock and crypto trading bots and financial data analysis projects. Cheers and happy new year.

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    I am working on my side project called simplebooknotes.com I am creating a newsletter for it. Since I read a lot of sales, marketing and self help books like 48 Laws of Power. I have decided to write book summaries and a newsletter that do more detailed into some of the main points that can help other indie hackers and entrepreneurs.

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    Hey, can't believe only just found this group (went deep into website investing, just came out the other end).

    I've previously built and sold a Substack publication [wrote up on IH here] (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-i-built-a-5k-mrr-newsletter-within-10-months-and-why-i-sold-it-71504ee036) and now publishing my thoughts on the digital creator economy, online business & investing on Revue.

    I'm super bullish on Twitter due to their super follows announcement, my handle is here.

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      Hey Richard, so cool to have you here! Looking forward your next posts on the Creator Economy! 😉🔥

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    Hola I'm Greg "X" Willis, full-stack developer, creative, and a dreamer like most of you.

    I'm not used to all the buzzwords and marketing slang going around so I thought I join the group to keep abreast of the movements.

    My entire passion and focus are on creating products that help with recommendations and discovery for content makers and do it in a fun and entertaining way.

    I'm currently building Funmetric - https://www.funmetric.co/invite-only the 2nd project attempt at this initiative.

    Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/soduxevil

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    I am a London-based independent content creator and communications consultant (mainly for startup founders). 
    I am the author of The Invisible Third Culture Adult, a story about a contemporary Chinese immigrant. 
    I write newsletters on books, philosophy and culture observation and host podcast regularly.
    More details on my website https://www.camelliayang.com/

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    👋 Hi, I'm David.

    I've been a full time indie writer for a few years. Most of my income came from Amazon KDP. Just started writing for https://ghost.org/blog

    I joined IH to see all the cool projects you're all building (cool indie projects = great writing material 😅.

    Drop me a "hello" at https://twitter.com/RamosAuthor

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    Hi all, my name is Mark, and I'm a reporter at Business Insider who covers the media industry and the creator economy! I've been loving this Creator Economy community, and I want to invite all of y'all to reach out to me if you ever have a product/story/insight/gossip that you think might be newsworthy!

    I also write a pseudo-serious newsletter about media innovation and the creator economy, called Medialyte (medialyte.substack.com), that I would encourage y'all to check out!

    Finally, here's my Twitter (https://twitter.com/MarkStenberg3) -- please give me a follow, reach out, and let's chat! Nice to be here :)

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    Hi IH, I'm Fatih;

    I'm a performance marketer from Turkey but recently I dropped all my clients to focus on "build once, sell twice" motto. I have online courses, an ebook, some design elements that I'm selling.

    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/fatihguner
    I'm building an online portfolio these days, so, see you in a couple.

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      Hey Hey, good to have you hear Fatih, hope you'll learn from this community! 😉🔥

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    Hey/Bonjour Eliot,

    I'm a growth marketer and a recent maker.

    First project : http://ecommframe.com a list of best tools to grow an
    eCommerce business.

    I'm working on a digital product about personal finance.

    My Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/Nicolas_gg

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm an undergrad student based in india and i'm currently building Startup Lyst - https://startuplyst.pory.app and also working on other products like parking ticketing app . Looking forward to connecting with you all -https://twitter.com/_Sahil_oo7

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    Hi Eliot. This is Rams. I'm building 100daysof.codes extension, a platform for #100daysofcode coding challengers. Happy to connect here.


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    Hi I'm Parthi and I work on letterdrop.com, a flexible, affordable newsletter publishing platform for creators and small businesses. Excited to see what everyone is up to!

    I'm at https://twitter.com/parthi_logan

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    Hey my name is Brandon I’m the founder of DSM is a Creator focused CRM. Prior to DSM I worked with creators (influencers, celebrities, brands) for the past 8 years helping them scale their revenue.

    I’m an expert when it comes to growth marketing and have scaled both creators and e-commerce stores to over 6-figure monthly revenue.

    Would love to chat with anyone that finds me helpful. If your interested in learning more about DSM our website is DSM.network

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      Welcome to the group! I checked your website, damn this tool seems so useful, I will talk about it with other creators. Did you create it based on your previous experience?

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    Wow you're all gonna pressure me to make better tweets....https://twitter.com/ninhjaa

    Been working as a DTC growth marketer but I've deployed capital mostly into content creators since it's been working out for us.

    Nice to meet you all and happy to answer any strategy + tactical questions around sponsorships.

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    Created an online course, and an online coding playground for people preparing SQL job interviews.

    Great to be here and get a chance to know you!

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      Awesome, thanks for joining!

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    https://twitter.com/average_founder Hey all! 🙃 I write short posts about improving our philosophy, practice and social responsibility as tech entrepreneurs. Nothing fancy, just things that I think about while building my own business.

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    Hey Eliot thanks for posting this, great idea.

    I'm Jeff and I'm working hard to win +50 Twitter followers by January 31, 2021.

    Trying to go from 🐤 --> 🦅.

    I am new to Twitter, but I have had some great interactions on the platform thus far with other Indie Hackers and makers. Would love for you to hit follow and join the ride.

    Things I Tweet About

    1. Insights & lessons learned the hard way as I try to build something on my own (build in public).
    2. Insights & lessons learned the hard way living the corporate life and managing teams.
    3. Productivity & tools that have helped me.
    4. The occasional joke or random observation (I am a real human, after all).

    As I grow and learn, these topics may shift, but I will always focus on being useful.

    Things I Do NOT Tweet About

    1. Hacks.
    2. Tricks.
    3. Gray or black hat tactics.
    4. Disparaging the work and efforts of others.

    What I'm Actively Working On
    I have several projects but currently focusing on building a newsletter/email course and an ebook on the topic of ensuring customers love your company. Still in early phase phase but plan to start sharing some notes & thoughts on the process soon.

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    • I created a database of 400+ places where to post your product (to get your first users) → https://gum.co/iIZdb
    • I also created a "product hunt for ideas" → ideahunt.net

    I'm in a challenge of building 6 projects in 6 months (4 more to come)! I share everything openly and use a lot of no-code tools!

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    https://twitter.com/malavwarke I just started my newsletter and I'm working on building platforms and tools which creators can leverage for their growth you can check the brief on the website https://creatosaurus.io/ we will updating the design in following weeks
    my substack: https://malavwarke.substack.com/

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    https://twitter.com/ibsylla13 , working for a company while building a team management software.

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      Happy to have you here, I wish you all the best with takeof! 👍

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    I've built a few graphics-based tools and set a goal to build 6 more in 2021. Will be sharing the journey on Twitter.

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      I followed you, hope you'll achieve your goal for 2021! 😉

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    Salut Eliot =)

    I got no idea what's creator economy, but https://twitter.com/vponamariov :)

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    Bruno here! In 2020 I've been creating gumroad info products, newsletters, video podcast and few other small "projects".
    Pushing myself out of the comfort one, otherwise I wouldn't create anything on that.

    I support other creators, motivate them to create more and sell things. Giving feedback for their products etc. Also, giving transparent updates on my progress, although I'm not active so much at the moment. Having only one side "project" where I help people to grow their initial twitter audience. Feel free to check it on my tw profile

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      Happy to have you here! 💪

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    John here, working on https://twitter.com/CinematicStApp - a fast + simple video editor.
    My goal is to help video editors create awesome videos with minimal effort.

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    Hey Folks!

    I’ve recently started Creator Club. A place to interview creators on their journey.

    Looking forward to being part of this group.


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    Hey everyone, I'm Sid.

    I'm new to content creation, working on my substack newsletter. I have a passion for learning about creativity and influential people. I want to meet people who enjoy learning and exploring their curiosity like I do.

    You can hit me up on twitter to chat: https://twitter.com/h__sid
    My newsletter: https://bookletter.substack.com

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    Hey my name is Dan, I'm a creative director, writer, artist, and father of 4. I'm currently working on a writing course which I hope to launch this year. Writing is my true love and I love helping people find the right words, whenever I can. I started a new Twitter account and don't have many followers yet! @Daniel_Abbey_

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    I'm a filmmaker turned marketer. Co-founder @ https://recast.studio Exploring and writing about applying "product thinking" to media.

    My handle twitter.com/prakrisang

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    Hi EliotC and fellow IHers,

    I am solopreneur software developer in Canada (39 years so far) and I am starting a side journey toward productivity and coaching fellow solopreneurs. You can find me on Twitter @frasergorrie and at https://frasergorrie.com . Having fun stumbling my way to becoming a creator myself, but the journey is a lot of fun. Hope you are all having similarly, worthwhile and engaging journeys!

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    Hi I'm Anna.

    I run Community Finder (https://community-finder.co) and write weekly articles and newsletter about community management and content creation.

    twitter: https://twitter.com/angrigoryan__

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    Hello IH, im Ly

    I've been a software dev for a little under two years now.
    My goal is to build a product for future and present creators.

    I can be reached here :

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/lyomann92
    Blog - https://www.ly-doc.com/blog

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    Hi, I'm Bernardo, a Portuguese Creator who makes videos in YouTube about how to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

    Over the next months I'll create a Newsletter and Personal website with blog to share my thoughts and notes I take on the books I read.

    I'm thinking on documenting the journey by building it in public, but I'm still thinking about it. I'm afraid about backlashes.

    All my content is in Portuguese so sorry for the language issue my dear Indie Hackers :D

    Wish all the best luck!

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    I am the founder of CentiPenny. We make it really easy, like 1 line of code easy, for people to charge trivial amounts for access to content, or for downloads or most anything else, as a replacement for ad revenue.

    I think micropayments are the only realistic path to having a "creator middle class". A creator can make $1000 with 10k users paying $0.10 each. Even at $0.01, it is $10/1000 users. Ads are never going to pay that much and most of us want our privacy back. Once people get over the shock of OMG it isn't "free", nobody thinks twice about spending $0.01 or $0.10.

    It is time to change the business model of the content web so that more people start making a living. Subscriptions aren't going to get us there because people can't afford 100 subscriptions a month and that money is still going to mostly float to the top. If people can actually make a living, they will create better content, which is a positive spiral.

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    Hey guys,

    My name is Ev and I'm doing few things:

    1. building newsletter about Investment Ideas finzilla.net (it is in Russian tho)
    2. running esports & gaming project @Nike
    3. looking for SaaS business to buy

    happy to connect!

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    I am avy, a professional development specialist. You can find me at @avyleg or at my Facebook community, the Tea Hut.
    I write mostly about career, productivity and professional development.
    Looking forward to connect!

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    Dinakar here, here's my Twitter (https://twitter.com/iamdinakar).

    I just woke up so let's pretend I wrote something here and made you follow lol. I'll follow back if you have posted consistently :) I will share exciting ideas and content this year.

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