Posting on social media every day: the gems habit

We're told we need to share our work online to grow an audience.

We have to post daily to be even considered by the algorithms.

But this requires time, an endless stream of content and rigor that we simply don't have.

Let me introduce you to gems.

Gems are pieces of your work in progress: texts, graphs, recordings, quotes, screenshots, video clips, illustrations, infographics, memes, lists, useful resources, you name it.

gems folder

As you create, you'll naturally spot little details you like, learn new things and even delete parts from your work you don't like. Put all of that in a "Gems" folder. Make this "save to gems" a habit.

Then once a day, after you've finished your work, share a gem.

Do it every day at 6pm, set reminders on your phone until it is a habit.

That's it.

But in order to work, gems must be... GEMS! A simple acronym for you to remember:

  1. Genuine: being true to yourself, not forcing it.
  2. Easy: easy to create, if it's too hard to prepare, you won't do it.
  3. Micro: small pieces of your larger work, provide a preview of it.
  4. Systematic: just shared every day, consistently posting it.

Examples of gems

I thought this might be a useful concept for other indie hackers. I've included places to share gems and tips about timing on this article that I wrote. Hope it's a useful habit for you too 💎

The gems habit

  1. 4

    Simple and actionable - thanks Ben!

  2. 3

    Great, actionable advice. Thank you!

  3. 3

    Hi Ben This is nice idea to post continously on social media without think too much what I have to post today. I just create gem folder after read this.

  4. 2

    Love this idea, I really struggle to identify what is worth posting, this will help

  5. 2

    This is amazing advice. I'm definitely bookmarking this and coming back to it in the future.

    I think I try to approach my tweets like this but I like the idea of setting a reminder and keeping it easy.

    Thanks for sharing, Ben!

  6. 2

    this is awesome! Thanks for sharing Ben!

  7. 2

    wow this is so simple yet motivating so imma give it a try! Thanks Ben!

  8. 2

    Love it, clever way to optimize your work and to find consistency!

  9. 2

    Really helpful, thank you. I struggle to post consistently and this seems like a strategy that could really help.

    1. 1

      Let me know how it goes!

  10. 2

    I like the idea. Thanks so much :)

    1. 1

      Glad to hear Stefanie!

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