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Pre-Launch signups. Wait for some signups, or build as I wait?

Kieran Parker @kjparker

Hi all!

I have built some products in the past, but nothing quite to the scale or complexity as I am currently working on. With that being said, I decided I am at a point where I can open up a private beta (signup to a waitlist and get batch invites).

However, I have yet to "test" my concept and how many people would be interested in it. I believe it would be a useful too, and with that built the initial bare-bones MVP (missing a lot of features I want to the full MVP).

With that in mind, do I now step back and wait for some signups/interest in the beta before investing too much more time building the product, or should I keep building whilst also waiting. (I do have other stuff to do on another project as well as try get people to sign up to this one, so i wouldnt be twiddling my thumbs / doing nothing)

Also, ona side note, anyone have some "must dos" to get a few initial users to test my product out? (

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      Thank you for subscribing! It does mean a lot :)

      I came up with the product after seeing so many people ask for feedback on reddit and indiehackers, but get bombarded with personal preferences and contradicting answers ("colours too bright" vs "colours too dull!") and not knowing what the heck to do with the colours!

      So, hopes to essentially work similar to stack overflow or reddit, where overtime giving advice will build up a reputation within the community, and with that your feedback as more weight behind it as well as more "social approval/credability" :) Or, thats the plan atleast!

      I struggled with the name for ages, originally calling it "fresh eyes" (as in a fresh pair of eyes) but, people kept miss-hearing me and thinking i said fish-eyes haha.
      I am also a fan of simply, singl syllable names. The word "heed" means "pay attention to; take notice of." ("he should have heeded the warnings"). Obviously, that domain wasn't available so I done the trendy thing of adding an extra vowel. and such, heeed was born!

      And as for your answer/input, thank you :) I am leaning that way too, but I am also in the mindset of "what percent of people sign up blindly vs using an MVP then joining" if that makes any sense.

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