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Pre-order available for 1$: Level Up Your Twitter Game

Build your audience on Twitter

Enter the game and discover the strategies to grow your Twitter game and earn your first dollars on the internet

I started out on Twitter knowing nothing about it.
→I had no audience, I didn't know how to tweet.
→I observed a lot of creators, I set up strategies, a plan.
→And I was able to generate over $2000 without an audience thanks, to Twitter.

In this playbook, "NO BULLSHIT" I will explain you with:

  • Case study
  • Exercises
  • Action plan
  • Tutorials
  • Templates
  • Tweet idea
  • Tweet topic
  • How to build an audience and earn your first dollars with Twitter

If you "PRESS START" you will have access :

  • My tests and experiences
  • Exercices between each level
  • Templates for each level
  • Tweet Template
  • Tweet Topic


The steps

Level 0: Game setup
Level 1: Customize your character
Level 2: Choose your accessories
Level 3: Plan a strategy
Level 4: What to tweet to win
Level 5: Learn to write impactful content
Level 6: Engage with others or die
Level 7: Final bot, the thread
Level 8: Make money with Twitter

BONUS 1: Boosts to go faster
BONUS 2: What not to do to be "game over"
BONUS 3: Content ideas
BONUS 4: Words that engage
Bonus 5: Template by topics

Your access to pre-order for only 1$
1$ today and Monday the price will increase by 2$ each day until Dec. 24

If you have questions, my DM is open

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