Pre-orders for The Minimalist Entrepreneur are live! AMA.

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    Sahil, congrats on the pre-release!

    Quick question regarding your "no meetings. no FTE." article:
    Did any of your processes/opinions change since writing the blog post?

    If yes, why?

    Cheers and godspeed with the book sale 🙌

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      Yes! We got rid of the anti-overtime rate, have a little bit of quarterly planning (“deadlines”), and are adding equity as a bonus.

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        Thanks for the added context and transparency!

        Curious how this experiment will evolve.

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    Pre-ordered. 👍

    I'm prepping to make writing (fiction) one of the main things I do for a living, so I'm always curious about process-related stuff. For starters:

    Do you have a writing routine (e.g. time of day, commitments to writing a set number of words or for a set duration of time, etc.)? Or do you "just do it"?

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      I would do something like 9am to 12pm every weekday for a few months to get the first draft done. That’s the one that requires the most discipline for me.

      For fiction I tried to do 1,000 words every day for 100 days. Ended up taking about 150 days for a (terrible) first draft.

      On edits I find I can work more sporadically.

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    When is the audio book releasing?

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    Smart idea to bundle the course with the book. I'm really looking forward to both!

    I cannot imagine how you find time for it, but thank you! :D

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      Answer's in the book. Ha!

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        If I remember correctly, from somewhere you wrote before, gumroad is pretty much run of auto mostly...

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          I also have a venture fund and other projects. Gumroad is a minority of my time now, yes.

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    Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to reading the book.

    My questions:

    1. Have you ever worked 40+ hours a week as a minimalist entrepreneur? If the answer is yes, how long have been the days and for how long have you worked that much before reducing your working hours?
    2. Let's say that I have a friend who is skilled for a job in my company, but I am not sure if they are a good fit for the culture. What do you think about employing friends? Have you employed friends and have you fired a friend from your company?
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      1. On a single thing, no. I peak at around 25 hours a week.
      2. I would do a month+ long trial period.
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    Gumroad pre orders don't seem to be working, at least from the link on the book web site.

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    No questions, that I want to ask, just wanted to say all the best!

    Keep up the awesome work man! Big fan :)

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