Growth April 7, 2020

Preparing to launch on PH. Any last minute suggestions?

Andrei Gaspar @andreigaspar

Soft launched for my wife a little over a week ago.

The reception was better than expected, with 761 subscribers and 79 members on the slack community channel.

The bugs and complaints from the soft launch are mostly solved.

  • Do you have any last minute suggestions?

Bonus question, in case you're feeling chatty:

  • What do you think this project does poorly?
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    Launch at 00:01 SF time - don't be too spammy looking for upvotes.

    If people like it, they will vote for it.

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    Wow that's a lot of people. What did you do to "soft launch" it?

    As for your project, I'd change "Don't miss out the latest" with a benefit. Why should someone subscribe?

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      Hey Andrea, thanks for chipping in.

      All I did was basically posted it on HN and the sideproject subreddit. Also my wife posted it here.

      On reddit the reception was surprisingly positive (really out of character for reddit), here it went unnoticed, and on HN it stayed on the front page for a while.

      I think that's why the numbers are what they are, otherwise it would be under 250 subs for sure.