Price signals quality

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    This helped me with my old project, buildfaster.co.

    I was originally planning to make each template $5-10, but after the same tip given to me by some indie hackers on this site, I chose to move up the prices.

    Guess what? It worked! 💪🏼

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    I’ve had mixed reviews with upping the price on my paid newsletter. As I moved the price up people still bought it but far less than before and I’ve been stagnant for a few months now.

    I took the opposite approach for my latest digital product, The Job Indecision Calculator (https://jobindecision.xyz). I started at $20 and no one bought so I dropped it to $12 and a few people bought. Then introductory specials on top of that and even more bought but I don’t think I’m going to get back up $12 and make many sales, let alone $20. Not sure what to do on that one.

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      add a zero.

      Write the landing page as if it were a $120 product.

      Then price it at $20.

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        I like that concept!

        This is my first landing page as well. Any techniques on how you signal a higher price? Will a certain style of language or wording help convey high price/high value such that people think they’re getting the product for a “steal” at $20?

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          wish I had some sage advice. I'd echo Sam Parr who said "higher the price, longer the sales page". Write more than you think you should.

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    Same advice I received for murlist.com. Have implemented and waiting to see how it plays out.

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