Pricing breakdown & marketing feedback

Hey all,

I'm nearing the finish line on launching my first business, a homemade granola company, that sources locally, and is made in NY.

I was hoping to get some feedback on a few things to see if I'm heading in the right direction.

Pricing breakdown:
Cost of ingredients - $3.14
Bag cost - $1.47
Sticker cost - $2.23
TOTAL = $6.84

At the moment I'm thinking of charging $8.99 for a 12oz bag of granola. At the moment most of my cost goes towards buying local oats, honey, and maple syrup. This leaves me with $2.15 to play with, which isn't much but I believe it's enough to prove the idea and switch to bulk orders which will reduce my costs by a lot across the board.
I'm also considering changing my price to $12.00 because it seemed like custom granola on Esty is priced between $8-$12. But at the moment I'm not including shipping in the price so if I did go up to $12 I feel like I'd have to offer free shipping which would be $5.33.

Marketing Plan:
Paid marketing - I plan on starting with Instagram/Facebook ads(since I feel the most comfortable with them). The plan is to start off by creating simple video creative and copy to test a number of audiences with $1-$5. Then focus on the best audiences. I probably should and will test different creative and copy with the same audiences as well although I'm not 100% sure the best way to structure that. All I know is to test one thing at a time.

Free marketing - This plan involves making recipe videos that involve my granola. Posting it to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with a link to the recipe on our website. On the recipe page, there will be a number of opportunities to buy granola.
Also included in each purchase will be a thank you letter and a promo code for a certain % off on their next purchase. As well as a request for a review on Google.
In the future, I'll probably incentivize reviews and referrals.

I also have a mailing list set up that I'll periodically send out deals and updates to. I haven't thought much about email marketing.

Freeish experiment - I plan on using one of my granola recipes on the site to hopefully drive people to the website by offering "crazy" or interesting flavors as a "wow" factor. Such as Churro granola or something along those lines. Hopefully, this along with the limited batch size will drive people to check out the website and buy either that flavor or the "normal" flavor. I'll use paid media to bring attention to the weird flavor.

Website: https://www.homemadecrunch.com
The website is done and Live! I'd love any and all feedback on any bugs, design/SEO tips, or copy.

The tech stack used is Nuxt.js, Vuetify, Netlify, Snipcart.

If you are outside of NY then you should see an alert popup telling you that we can't ship outside of NY.

Also, my e-commerce platform is currently in dev mode so feel free to enter fake address info in order to test the cart system. There is also temp card info available on the payment page. You can also use a service like https://temp-mail.org/en/ to get a temporary email address.

I definitely need to take a better product photo.

I'm both nervous and excited about this product launch. I really hope it goes well, but I also know that success is probably going to take a long time and a lot of hard work.

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