Daily Stand-up December 21, 2020

Primcloud Daily Standup - #1

Josh Manders @joshmanders

Hello Indie Hackers!

Today is day one of my first ever vacation at my day job. I have taken 2 weeks off to absolutely CRANK on Primcloud to get it ready for public beta.

I have decided in this two week time that I will be posting daily standup in this group Monday through Friday, and then also participating in the Weekly Check-In post to summarize the week.

I am doing this to hold myself accountable and keep shipping. I have found over the past few months that I have been a lot more productive as I share stuff on Twitter and build in the public. So I am taking it a step further and providing standup here.

I hope this is successful and I continue doing it even after my two weeks.

So without further ado, lets get into it.

What did I do yesterday?
✅ Started putting together a todo list of everything that needs to get done

What do I plan to do today?
☐ Draw the 4 winners of my Windy contest on Twitter
☐ Refine my todo list and flesh out more requirements
☐ Start putting together the public roadmap

This standup is for Primcloud - Deploy, manage and scale your apps

You can also follow me or Primcloud on Twitter!

  1. 1

    Interesting! I should also do this for Apivis. :-)

    I can recommend a good book Designing Distributed Systems by Brendan Burns.

  2. 1

    Hi Josh, looks good! What did you build the front end with? How long have you been working on the project before your holidays?

    1. 1

      I've been trying to build this product for 4 years but lacked the knowledge and tools to make it a reality, but in June of 2020 that all changed. So the first code written was July 29th, 2020.

      And the stack is Next.js, GraphQL, Microservices through Kubit (custom private framework), PostgreSQL and of course Primcloud itself. All Node/TypeScript and a little bit of Rust for some k8s services.

      1. 1

        Sounds pretty advanced! I’m just wondering what changed in June as I’m guessing that you already had plenty of skills before learning that stack :)

        1. 1

          Kubernetes was my missing piece and I spent most of early 2020 toying with it and then it all clicked. Ditched everything I was working on to go back to my passion project I had tried to build many times over 4 years.

  3. 1

    It looks promising, tried to signup but not working yet.

    1. 1

      What do you mean not working yet?

      1. 1

        not working yet

        I thought you just published the landing page and it's not ready yet.

        I got "An unknown error occurred. Please try again." on the signup page and 'duplicate key value violates unique constraint "users_email_unique"' on Devtools > Network.

        1. 1

          The landing page has been published and the app is in private beta right now. You can sign up, but you should have been greeted with a thank you stating that we're in private beta and that when we open public beta you will be notified.

          The unique email constraint message you received in devtools is because you signed up, and then tried to sign up again and I have not added a error handling state for that. Did you not get the message the first time you signed up?

          It should have looked like this

          1. 1

            I didn't get this message today, maybe I signed up a long time ago! I don't remember.

            Anyway, I'll wait for it! keep building and good luck.

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