Priority mail on Nomad Postbox

So people have reached out asking what do you do when someone orders a credit card and want to give special instructions on where to forward it?
I am happy to add a new feature called "Priority mail" where the user just press a button and gives Nomad Postbox special instructions for your special package :)

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    A tough niche to compete in, probably, because of the trust issues involved, no? You have to trust someone with your bank and credit card account credentials.

    If I were to use something like this, I'd go with established players with lots of users and and an A+ BBB rating.

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      You have trust issues with every new company on earth, that's part of the journey

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        "You have trust issues with every new company on earth"

        Not really. This area is especially sensitive.

        Being an established (and trusted) player creates a moat.

        I suggest solving the trust problem somehow instead of trying to ignore it.

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          Reaching a silver bullet is not possible but the best that can be done is being done, privacy is being respected, ip addresses and user agents are not stored, the pgp features are soon live, all mails that are not forwarded is destroyed, no copies of the users mail is ever stored on any of Nomad Postbox databases/applications like other providers, everyone handling the post has to sign NDA's and Nomad Postbox is not asking for KYC documents and so the option for the user to use the service anonymously if they like to do that is available. Yes your right this field is very sensitive around privacy and trust so i am doing everything i can to make the user happy, it can never be prefect but a lot of risks are be mitigated using a paranoid mindset

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