[Pro Bono] Requesting honest FEEDBACK on my product! [12 months free]

Hello Fellow indieHackers,

PhotoATM.com is a tool where you can download ready-to-use graphic designs for your social handles. For most prospects, the designs are highly relevant, i.e they can use them without any need of editing. If needed, these edits can also be done in-app quickly.

Here is a summary of our journey so far:

  1. We have built the product with the minimal features set.
  2. We have taken reviews about the website in general.
  3. There are some bugs and some features missing - that we hope to fix very soon.
  4. We have just started marketing. We are posting on active groups and communities. And posting on indieHackers is a part of that. We also plan to regularly post our learnings in BuildInPublic group here.
  5. We have talked to many people, and they have told us that our product is beneficial. They aren't the users, but they see the potential.

Now we are looking for actual users who would use this product. I would like to ask you :

  • about your current process of writing and planning social media posts.
  • what features you would love to have in our product - in order to become our future customers?
  • whether this tool can be beneficial for you?

Could you spare around 15-30 minutes for an extensive chat or audio/video call to discuss the points mentioned above?

After the feedback, I'll give you 6 months FREE subscription of PhotoATM.com Which I may extend to 12 months if you need it.

If you are happy to participate in this practical USER FEEDBACK session, please send me an email at [email protected] or send a DM on Twitter on @yellowuncle.

So excited to meet you all.

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    Is this an alternative to Canva? Or, a competitor to other pre-made social media post template services?

    Where do you see your particular Product/Market fit?

    This requirement seems problematic:

    Post deactivation, your previously posted designs can remain live but you cannot re-post or re-share the designs.

    There's no way I'm going to remember what was created using your tool vs others. I probably wouldn't ever sign-up knowing I may run into issues if I accidentally re-share a social media post or re-use content that was created via PhotoATM.

    1. 2

      Thank you so much for the feedback. To answer your first question, this is a pre-made social media post template service. So this should be alternate to Canva for most people.

      On your second question reg Product/Market fit:
      We realized that building & making stuff is their primary goal and expertise for most creators. And we can take care of their social media posts.

      So they do not need to spend additional time thinking what-to-write on their social shares. Everything has already been designed & written exclusively. (edited)

      On your third point - "Reg post deactivation":
      We internally did much deliberation before publishing this, even I believe that this is not the perfect way. It will be great if you can share your ideas on what could be an alternate approach here. We added this point to avoid the fraud where someone purchases a premium and downloads 100s of posts and then deactivates.

      1. 2

        Everything has already been designed & written exclusively.

        Your messaging implies that people can't create custom text. If you allow people to edit existing text and place new text on content/creative, you should make that clear. If you don't, that will likely be a non-starter for most.

        It will be great if you can share your ideas on what could be an alternate approach here. We added this point to avoid the fraud where someone purchases a premium and downloads 100s of posts and then deactivates.

        I think you answered your own question here. Why don't you just put a limit on the number of downloads per month? You're either offering unlimited designs/downloads or you're not. You can also add a disclaimer to your TOS that says you can terminate an account if abuse or misuse is detected.

        An alternate way of addressing this, is allow unlimited downloads, but the first X amount (per month) have no watermark on them. After that, slap a watermark on them or change the resolution so the content is clear enough to preview, but not practical to use.

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    Hey, I would love to give you some honest feedback, i'll shoot you on email.

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