Pro-tip if you're building in public on Twitter (with examples)

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    I've gotten a lot of reach from building in public over the last few months and one of my big takeaways so far has been the importance of when you post in your product life-cycle.

    I started doing this recently and noticed a big difference. I used to just post as I was doing things or afterwards, but people engage way more I've found when you talk about things before you do them.

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      Agree. Just discovered this myself too.

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        Just followed you back on Twitter :)

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    Ahhhh very nice tip Anthony! Thank you for sharing. Now...let me get to making some tweets about what I'm about to do...things are going to be poppin off here shortly. hehe

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    Do you think this works for business accounts as well? I have tested it with my account and with a company account and I have only seen results with my personal account.

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      I have only seen it work with personal accounts.

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        Same :( What would you recommend to company accounts?

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          I just retweet what I tweet as the founder and that seems to work.

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      Maybe if your brand has a very casual voice. Works better with personal accounts though.

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