Problems with Stripe/Looking for alternatives possibly

Has anyone had problem setting up a Stripe account? I tried setting up an account about 2 weeks ago and I received an email saying:

"Stripe can only support users with a low risk of customer disputes—after reviewing your submitted information and website, it does seem like your business presents a higher level of risk than we can currently support."

Does anyone know why I got this email and why my ability to chat with their support or request a call is forever "currently available"?

I have reached out to their customer support via email, but they have not gotten back to me in almost two weeks and this will become a bottleneck pretty soon...

So I'm also looking for any alternatives to Stripe if anyone has any recommendations.


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    Hm, could you forward that email to me at [email protected] and I can take a closer look?

    1. 1

      Hi Edwin,

      I forwarded you the email.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you. :)

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