Product for couples. Two landing page prototypes. Which should I choose?

Which landing page is better for launch?

This is a product to help couples or small friends group fun Covid safe things to do in their city.

Simple notion page #1

Full webpage #2

Feel free to give any feedback on the idea, landing page, or the product/experiences listed

Better landing page
  1. #1 simple notion page
  2. #2 full webpage
  1. 4

    Personally, #2 works best for me, as I find #1 too cluttered.

  2. 1

    Honestly not totally sold on either - a problem I have with my own designs as well - but I think you are on the right track with 2. 👍

  3. 1

    Definitely #2! The Notion landing page is pretty overused at this point but it's still good for an MVP. Nevertheless, since you have already built a full webpage with Netlify, I'd suggest you go with that!

  4. 1

    Nice idea! I prefer the right hand one for simplicity. It just needs a little tweaking design wise. I would get rid of the stars around the heading so that it doesn't break across two lines and increase the font size of the text and the call to action button a bit. I think you can simplify the body text a bit as well.

  5. 1

    Left is clearer in my eyes, only looking at the picture boxes and nothing else says it all already

  6. 1

    Neat idea.

    So I much prefer the right side by a long way.

    Though the experiences on the left side look more clickable, as if I could find out more about them before signing up and that might be a good thing.

    The right side one seems to want me to sign up before I get any information about the experiences. I probably wouldn’t like that.

    What’s your angle here. Is it cheaper to book through you? Because the switching cost is zero if all I have to do is google the the name of the experience and find another seller.

    Also. I know Covid is a big thing that isn’t going away any time soon but building a business on it, is that a good idea? Not that I’m against a bit of disaster capitalism.

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