Product Hunt August 5, 2020

Product Hunt came and went - now the hard work begins (stats)

Mick @Primer

I launched a new project on PH the other day. It was my best Product Hunt launch yet, getting about 130 votes and finishing mid-table.

However my overall opinion on PH remains the same (I've posted many times on here about why Product Hunt is nothing more than just another place to list your product) in that it only provides a fleeting spike that dies away very soon after.

Launch Day: 287 visits from PH (130 upvotes)
Day After: 140 visits from PH (2 upvotes)
Today: 28 visits from PH (admittedly the day isn't over) (2 upvotes)

From that combined (455) number of visitors I got 35 signups.

Of those 35 signups about 6 or so have engaged with the platform (commented or posted a story).

So now the hard work begins. trying to get those 35 signups to re-engage with the community and get more people in.

check out the community here:

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    I get paying customers from PH months after launch for

    It is a great platform and good for SEO as well if you rank in top 5 (other websites will give you backlinks)

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      I just got number 1 on Hacker News yesterday and drove a ton of traffic. Didnt make sales though.

      From the time you launched to the time you got paying customers did you make any changes?

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        I got a paying customer by posting on HN

        Got that in a week.

        I really need to use HN more, can drive some serious traffic. might be interesting for you

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          Still curious though. Did you make any changes in the product to convert a paying user?

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            What sort of changes? We update the landing page and UI of the app often. Nothing major just slowly improving the conversion rates.

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    Great stuff Mick. Congrats.

    Your title says it all: "Now the hard work begins"

    I never understood the fascination with or importance of getting featured on Product Hunt. Maybe it's a form of social proof?

    As a business/product/brand, getting featured on PH is about equivalent as getting a media "hit".

    Some media hits perform well, others do not. But they all have one thing in common -- the exposure is only temporary.

    We've gotten mentioned on Reddit many times, and we've seen our site traffic soar on those days but no sales, or very few. So that essentially means we got a lot of unqualified leads/traffic to our site.

    Don't get me wrong, most exposure is good exposure and something I appreciate. I just don't get overly excited anymore about individual media hits.

    Backlinks from well regarded and relevant sites are always helpful, but they aren't as important as they once were (and getting less so) for SEO. They are good for exposure though, if the source linking site has a large following.

    Mick, you're probably already doing this, but if you want to grow your MVP user-base, I'd recommend considering doing some outreach on LinkedIn to Product Managers. I think PMs would be receptive to hearing from another PM, especially if you're giving them a place to join a community of PMs.

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      Yeah this largely falls in line with my own philosophy; what I usually say about PH is that yes it can prove to be a gigantic life-changing experience for some, but then someone also wins the lottery every week.

      Good shout about Linkedin. Hadn't thought of that avenue, cheers!

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    I agree that launching on PH is just to fulfill a checklist. Most of the people checking out the apps are peers and not customers.

    Helps to get recognition but might not be sustaining to get customers. Probably similar to other launch mechanisms as well.

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      Couldn't put it better myself

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    Congrats on another launch. It's great to see you keep launching things!
    PH can be boost, but nothing is guaranteed. I see it as another tool to increase your chance of success. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Moving forward.

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      Thanks very much - I really appreciate what you said!

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    Contrary to what many people think, MOST products that do well on PH would've done well without them imo. Usually there's already a network that supported those products.

    We did decent on there with ~400 upvotes

    After not making top 5 on PH, we got featured by Apple on the App Store instead which did literally about 30x what PH did. Just keep building and focusing on your users :)

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    PH community seems to be more happy with some hype stuff or products they can play with for some time
    The problem with PH right now is that it is a home to everything

    I totally agree with you it's a place to list your product
    Still PH is a source of sales for some teams (including ours)

    p.s. Our team had 7 launches on PH, here are the insights from that -

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    PH virgin here, but getting ready to post my first product. How many projects have you launched on Product Hunt? Is there a sizable benefit to getting hunted by someone as opposed to submitting it yourself?

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      I've launched 14 products now. Only 4 of them were serious "all in" products. They're all still going too.

      Interestingly, the product that did worst on Product Hunt - and I mean BAD (it got zero upvotes) is the product that in "real life" has attracted 7 figure investment and is (well was... damn covid) a real, living, breathing and growing thing. I repeat - this product got ZERO traction on PH.

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      I have done 4 launches, let me know if you have any other questions :)

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