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    Fun fact about the Hive Index, it was actually inspired by the Indie Hackers community.

    After joining IH and feeling the powerful supportive forces that community can bring, I got really inspired by the idea of community and wanted to make it available to others as well.

    So I started making a list of online groups I found, and publishing it. Now that list has grown to over 1100 communities across 88 different topics, and it's growing every day!

    If you're looking for some new communities to join, feel free to explore and find some for your interests. And if you're a community builder that wants to attract some new members, submit your community and I'd be happy to help promote it.

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    Big congrats, hope you make the Top 5, gogogo!!!

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      Thank Jeff! Yeah me too, I'm 1 spot away right now.

      I knew it's competitive but damn the folks in the top 3 must be working nonstop since midnight haha

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    Hi, just saw this post. Great source of inspiration, thanks!
    But I found a bug: when I wanted to open some community's link (on the page titled "Before you go") the link did not work: "https://thehiveindex.com/redirect/www.superhi.com?ref=thehiveindex.com" and showed your 404 page titled "404 error
    This page does not exist." even although the community link is valid.

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      There was an issue with the formatting of the url for that community. I fixed it. Thanks :)

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        No worries, glad to help :)

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