Ideas and Validation October 27, 2020

Product Hunt for B2C existed for a long's called Shark Tank :)

Darko @zerotousers

I was reading a founder story on StarterStory (they're like Indie Hackers, just for e-commerce :) ) and there was this one girl who sold healthy pancakes (yeah, I know) and one of her main exposure/marketing channels was appearing on Shark Tank:

In 2016 the ABS Protein Pancakes aired on ABC’s Shark Tank as the very first episode of the 2016 season which brought HUGE exposure to ABS and brought customers from all over the country.

The Shark Tank exposure was and still is incredible! My website crashed 2x the night of airing, once when it aired on the East Coast, and then again when it aired on the West Coast. I had maxed out my server protection to allow for the highest traffic possible, but it still couldn’t handle it. I went from about 50 visitors to my site to over 30,000 in a matter of seconds. It was incredible! The sales I made in weeks after the Shark Tank episode surpassed the previous year's entire sales numbers.

It kinda reminds me of the many interviews I've read on IndieHackers where people kept mentioning Product Hunt working for them. Most of those people had a digital B2B product, though. This is the same story, just in b2c e-commerce.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this. Are there any similar formats besides SharkTank (I know they have a variation in almost every country).

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    Thanks for the good idea, I just submitted an application to the German version.

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