News October 22, 2020

Product Hunt gets a new CEO, Ryan Hoover steps down

Courtland Allen @csallen
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    I went through YC with Josh when he was just a kid working on Mino (literally… he was a teenager). He's got some really cool ambitions for Product Hunt, and IH may even partner up in a few ways. But it's also hard not to instinctively picture Ryan when I think of PH. It's the end of an era for sure.

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      Thanks for sharing, Courtland.

      I'll continue to be involved with Product Hunt as an advisor (hard to get rid of me entirely! 😅) but I have full confidence in Josh with the team. Some bigger news coming soonish.

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    Ryan has done so much for the maker community! Excited to see what he does next as well as what is next for PH.

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      Thank you for that, Ryan. It's far from just me. Credit to the team and community. 😄

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    I definitely remember reading about and being inspired by Josh Buckley's Mino Monsters years ago (I don't even remember where I heard about it, probably Reddit). Cool story!

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    I've been fortunate to have been an active user on Product Hunt for many years, and witnessed the amazing community that Ryan was able to cultivate.

    I'm very curious to see what is next for Product Hunt. Good luck Josh!

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    Great to see this type of story, excited what's next for Ryan!

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