Product Hunt IH Support Group?

Just throwing this out there. I noticed there's people who regularly post their Product Hunt products here and I think it'd be great if we could all support each other on IH. I think the most ideal way is to find out who's ok with helping out with this cause for all future Product Hunt launches.

Let me know what everyone thinks or if I'm just out to lunch here.

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    Hey there, I'm in! I had a similar thought... I'd be happy to help other people on their launch day in exchange for help on mine :)

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      That’s great. Yeah I think that’s what this thread is all about

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    I've scheduled a PH launch for tomorrow morning actually. Then I noticed this post so.. um.. yep, I'd really appreciate some support :P

    When you schedule a launch, PH gives you advice to "ask for support, not upvotes". I guess this means that page views and comments might be taken into account in their algorithm? Possible, given the UTM codes in the button links and page URL..

    Page Link (visible before launch, votes closed before launch but comments work I think:

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      Just checked it out and posted. Looks good!

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        Amazing, Darryl - thank you. It means a lot :)

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    I am down with it, not everthing on PH is some bootstrapped indie Hail Mary play, they should get some love too considering anyone with an exisintg base can strongarm all kinds of upvotes.

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      Yeah I hear you. I think if we can support each other’s launches it’ll help in the PH marketplace

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    Count me in. Don't have something planned right now, but would be happy to support others, and hopefully they'll support me too if/when the time comes :)
    How are you going to organise this?

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      Good question @SpellJammer - after giving this thought, I think the MVP is whoever likes this post or comments, I’ll put their Indiehacker handle in a google sheet. Then once someone posts their launch, they can tag me in their post where I can reply back with everyone else handle so they are notified about the launch.

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    Hey, count me in too. I would be happy to help you guyz.

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