Product Hunt Launch Breakdown: #4 Product of the day Hive Index

Hey IH! I launched my first product on Product Hunt last week, and I'd like to break down my strategy, results, and reflections for those that are going to be doing the same soon.

Product: Hive Index Directory of Communities

🏆 #4 product of day
🔺 250 upvotes (369 now)
👥 1.7k new users (launch day +1)
🔎 1.2k searches (74% success)
🔗 sent 660 users to 1.6k communities
💌 38 newsletter signups
📇 26 community submissions
🤝 4 new partnership opps

Pre-launch strategy
I spent the last 2 months:

  • getting to >1000 communities
  • curating new topics (now at 89)
  • redesigning the site
  • getting mobile-ready
  • adding better collection features (communities, reviews, newsletter)

Goals for launch
The website is a free resource, and my plan is to push for sponsored listings soon. So my biggest goal was to raise awareness amongst the community builder world. Secondly, start pushing new features like community reviews + newsletter subscribers

Day-of strategy

  • responding to people on PH
  • talking to people on Twitter
  • DM'ed some folks to help
  • post on IH, Reddit, HN

What a rush! Felt like a marathon day
I went to sleep #6 and was really hoping for a top-5 finish, my midnight push on Reddit brought me to #4 :)

I think I could have gotten top 3 if I started promoting right at the start
When I woke up, I was in 16th place and some of the top products had over 100 upvotes. The lead is important as they are top of fold
Also, I didn't have a hunter, would have helped since I don't have much of a following on PH

New opportunities

This has been a nice surprise, I've had some really interesting people reach out with partnership opportunities
That includes:

  • promoting Hive Index
  • sponsored content
  • AMAs for community builders
  • people that want to buy communities (really)

Secondary benefits
Putting the product in front of so many people has also been great for:

  • new community submissions
  • first community reviews (new feature)
  • topic & feature suggestions
  • new topic ideas based on searches

Overall, I'm absolutely buzzing for 2 reasons

  1. The responses I got from people discovering the Hive Index were incredible
    Comments like "exactly what I was looking for" or "I instantly found communities I didn't know existed" are the reason I work hard on this product

  2. The maker community showed up
    I seriously can't even describe how included & supported I felt for this launch
    The support from all of you was incredible. I felt like I had a team of 50 behind me, and it feels amazing
    Thank you, you're incredible! 🙌

Anything else you'd like to know? AMA!

  1. 3

    Fed, Nice product!!

  2. 3

    Great, Keep growing and sharing your experience with us. Thanks

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