Product Hunt Launch 🚀 Requirements 2021.

Hi All,

I am pretty new, before I say anything else I would like to thank all the amazing posts that people are writing 🙇. I am learning so much!

✨Product Hunt Launch Jan 2021 ✨

This week I have been doing some of my own research on how to launch on Product Hunt. In two weeks I am planning to submit 🚀 my first product Freelance Notion.

Here is what I found.

1/ To submit a project to product hunt, there are a range of marketing assets requirements.

Knowing these in advanced can help you prepare your copy and creative so that you stand out to the hunters 😊.

@ProductHunt new submission requirements include:

  • Product URL
  • Name of product (40 max characters)
  • Tagline ( 60 max characters)
  • Relevant topic tags
  • Thumbnail image 240x240 (while they say no Gifs, everyone seems to GIF)
  • Gallery images, multiple at 1270x760
  • YouTube video (optional)
  • Description (260 max characters)
  • Makers names (you will need profiles for this)
  • Date and time of launch 🚀

2/ Grow your audience to get hunted

Most blogs recommend that you build an audience a couple of months prior to launching a project on Producthunt.

I wasn't actually aware of the importance of this, and now have 2 weeks before I planned to launch my Freelancer OS www.freelancenotion.com on there 🙈

It might be a bit tight to build my audience by then, but we will see. If the Freelance Notion PH launch 🚀 doesn't go so well, at least I have learnt for the next one 😉.

If anyone here is on Product Hunt and would like a new follower, leave a link to your profile below and I will happily support you and your products.

If you have already launched in product hunt and have any tips for me, do add them below a long with a link to your product 🙌.

Cheers everyone

  1. 2

    Good stuff! Saving this post for the future 👀

  2. 1

    Great post Natalie, thank you for sharing your insights on what’s needed for a product hunt launch. I'm hoping to launch on here this year too. Wishing you all the best on building your audience pre launch. Keep us posted on how you get on!

  3. 1

    If anyone wants help launching on Product Hunt, feel free to reach out! I run Submitjuice.com and we've run multiple successful product launches for founders.

  4. 1

    You can find me on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/@bumpsetcreative

    Launched a product today!

    What's yours? Didn't see it posted anywhere.

  5. 1

    I just published my thoughts on 2 launches of the same product here in this group.

    Your personal network and people on IndieHackers can help you too. What I found is that it's important to stay visible on the page, i.e. not fall into the "see more" because then your project will be visible for two days.

    Having someone hunted you doesn't automatically mean your post will be successful. I am not even sure how notifications work on PH whenever someone you follow makes a post because I've never received any.

    Don't stress too much about the launch because this is just one tool out of many you should be using.

    1. 1

      Thanks arjom, good advice. I'm looking forward to trying it and seeing what happens either way.

  6. 1

    Feel free to join my slack group and i'll give you a communtiy wide post we can coordinate a scheudled launch there if youd like.



    1. 1

      Thanks Janel, I will check them out 👏

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