Growth April 3, 2020

🥳 🎉 Product Hunt Launch Today! 🥳 🎉

Craig Barber @CraigBarber

My fellow Indie Hackers,

For many years I’ve been a designer doing great things for some of the largest companies in the world.

I’ve been responsible for dozens of logos, rebrands and website designs.

Today, I’m excited to announce I’m channeling my expert logo design and branding knowledge into something wonderful…Logobly!

Logobly is my delightful new logo maker.

Logobly allows anyone to create an amazing logo for their internet startup in minutes.

My long term mission is to make the go to site for internet entrepreneurs, founders and side hustlers all over the world.

So today, after 6 months of design, prototyping, development and user testing…

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Logobly to the Product Hunt community.

Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments on PH here:

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    I wish you best of luck @CraigBarber, looks good! I used before I'm not sure you've seen it before. Just wanted to post anyway as you might also want to check it out to improve your platform.

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      I love Shapefactory! Yes, one of the best logo makers out there, so minimal... it inspired Logobly 😀💪

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    Great product Craig! I will consider it for my current project ;) I really like the user flow you built there.

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      Hey @Web3Coach Thanks for the kind words, yes please consider Logobly for your next branding design.

      Yes, the user flow is meant to enable anyone to create a great logo design fast, as I'm a professional designer I hand picked all of the premium fonts, icons and colors to all work together nicely : )

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        Great showcase of your skills. Actually, I am testing my landing page with some early users, here from IndieHackers and friends. When you feel like changing context from your project, could you please give me a quick feedback if I chose a good design/fonts for my project landing page?

        PS: The first two sections are now being reworked fully.

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    Congrats on the launch, the website looks amazing 😄 Maybe it's my browser but on Chrome 80 the website lurches on scrolling, works flawlessly on Firefox though! - Pavin.

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      Hey @mailcheap - Thanks for the feedback, it's not your browser. Sometimes when the app is under heavy load - it needs to be refreshed. Please refresh your browser and it will work. : )

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        Hi Craig, I never got to using the app itself. The lurching issue is with the landing page. Most prominent on Chrome, but also slightly on Opera and Edge. Firefox seems okay, I don't have an Apple device to check on Safari. Here's a video of the issue in Chrome: - Pavin.

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          Hey there, oh wow... that's SO annoying. Thank you for taking the time to point that out.

          I've turned off a setting in my Wordpress called 'smooth scrolloing' - maybe this was the issue?

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            I don't think that was it, I did some digging and from the moment I started scrolling the Chrome console was filled with this. The culprit file was, so I blocked it and bam everything works! Hope it helps 🙂 - Pavin.

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              Hey Pavin, man - this is why the world needs coders! : ) I would have never know this - thank you for letting me know : )

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    Very cool!

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      Thanks @zmdoug glad you like it : )

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    Amazing Craig ! Good job, Wishing you all the best. Upvoted :)

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      Thanks for your kind words and your upvote @bachellerieloic - it really helps : )

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    Upvoted, Craig.

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      Amazing thank you @levinunnink - really appreciate your support : )

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    Very cool Craig! Love the images you have (Guy in the chair etc.) Can I ask where you found those?

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      Hey @AndrewLeonardi thanks for your thoughts, yes the illustrations are cool right? : ) They're from Shutterstock.

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    Great product! Might use it for a new project :)

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      Thanks @yaroslawbagriy I appreciate your support, yes Logobly is ready for you 24/7 😀💪

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    Best of luck!

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      Thanks @rosiesherry really appreciate what you do for the community 😀💪

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    Congrats! I've saved, my company is planning several launches in the future and logo is always a struggle for us.

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      Thanks @valdir - I hope to use Logobly for your logos, let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help : )

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      Also, heres' a 'demo' logo package so you can see everything you get with your Logobly logo package:

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    Very cool, I like the simplicity and how the user just goes through the process and at the very end it's time to pay after seeing a nice presentation of the assets they would get. Good work 👍

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      Hey @wardsandler yes, I specifically made it like this, as a professional designer I wanted to ensure everyone gets a great logo no matter what they do : )

      You can see the full list of assets everyone gets by downloading the demo package here:

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    Congrats :)

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      Thank you! @akhilnadendla 's awesome to finally launch : )

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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    it broke. I entered Bashboard as the name and next page was empty.

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      second time worked :)

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        you've gotten quite some votes considering this is another "pick a font and icon" app. How did you market this?

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          Hey again @krister firstly, it's a great, really simple product. I'm a professional designer for my 'day job' so I create logos and branding for a living so I should know how to make a logo maker : )

          Second, I've been working with the community here and in Product Hunt for the last 6 months with feedback, testing and general engagement and comments - so I'd like to humbly say the community is supporting me in some way : )

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            where "in product hunt" do you exactly talk to people. You launch and then have comments or how does that work?

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              Sure great point, IH is a lot more social than PH I admit - so yes it's mostly been on IH and I engage with the community in comments after launch like you said : )

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      Hey @krister sorry to hear that, when the app is under heavy load... some times you need to hit refresh on your browser. Please try again if you have a moment.

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    A huge thank you to the Indie hackers community who took the time to give me feedback whilst I was making Logobly 😀🙏

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