Product idea: Built design system once, use it for long term

Hello Indie Hackers 👋

When the idea hit my mind, I started working & building a Core library of reusable components that I can use whenever I need it for any saas or web application. This way I've now a huge library called Quickr Design system with:

  • 2000+ reusable component
  • 120+ styles
  • 100+ icons
  • 7+ dashboard apps

You can have it to lessen production costs & shipping time. Save money+time with quickr design system now!

👉 Don't miss lifetime deal - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/quickr-design-system

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    Upvoted (even maybe too late).

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      Thanks for the support. Though couldn't make it to the top-list but I've learned a lot of things 🙌

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