Product update - Added job pages

Hey everyone,

The jobs board I run is jobsinhealthtech.com . Our site aims to help people find careers in health technology and life sciences. I launched the first version here earlier in the year.

Today we shipped probably our biggest update since then. Each job now has a page and a unique URL. I felt that this was important for a few reasons.

  • SEO - Each job will have a unique URL that should rank when users search for specific jobs or companies. This can hopefully drive more traffic. Having a URL for each role will also allow people to share roles and therefore increase the number of backlinks as well!
  • User experience - Users (job seekers) can now access details of the job directly from our site, making for an easier browsing experience.
  • Customer experience - Customers can now post further details about their job rather than just the link. We can also now provide them with metrics on the amount of visitors to the page and clickthroughs to application.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback :)

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