January 24, 2021

ProductHunt and ridiculous Twitter permissions

Vito Botta @SkyLinx

Is anyone wondering why ProductHunt requires basically full permission on your Twitter account when using Twitter to sign in?

It's ridiculous. They could potentially do anything with my Twitter account. What if they get hacked or something?


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    I asked them about why do they need 'follow and unfollow' permission. They said Twitter requires them to have that permission to allow users to share content.

    I don't know how much of it is true, but it's plausible that for some features you might need permissions that you won't actually use, depends on how Twitter's API is structured.

    Maybe somebody familiar with it can comment.

    1. 1

      I am not familiar with Twitter integrations but it sounds weird that they have this sort of limitations considering that they have been around for a while...

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    I have related issue: how to detach twitter from PH (i need to attach another one).


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      Just email them and describe your problem. I screwed up in the past with my email, and ask them to fix, they did!

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      No idea, I am not logging in for now because of the permissions issue. Very annoying

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