ProductHunt Launch Aftermath

I launched openstartup.dev on Product Hunt yesterday (Aug 26, 2020) and managed to get to #4 of the day getting 400+ upvotes.

Here's all the statistics about what happened.

Upvotes = 417
Position = 4
Comments = 18 ( + 18 replies by me and 1 comment), Total = 37

Newsletter Subscribers

Before = 12, After = 94


Before = 229, After = 250

Tweet about PH Launch
Impression = 8091, Engagements = 527

Tweet Engagement

See the tweet here

Twitter was by far the most successful platform for me to promote my launch. I also made a twitter thread where I tagged every startup that I had in my database with there open startup link. You can find that thread here. A lot of founders and company retweeted and liked the tweet they were mentioned in.

Traffic [Google Analytics]


Pageviews = 1906 (Unique = 1633), Pageviews from Product Hunt = 999 (Unique = 709)



USA = 310, India = 184, UK = 95


What next?

I have got a few feedbacks and ideas to implement. I will be working on that. Also got 12 new submissions to add to the directory.

Many companies are sharing their stats via Twitter like this and this. In order to automate that, I will try to create automation scripts that will find such tweets and parse them to extract useful information.

  1. 2

    Nice numbers, especially subscriber increase!

    1. 1

      Funny thing, I didn't expected that much increase, 40 was realistic number. I just kept it there to see how people will react adn now I have close to 100 people waiting for my email. Kinda trapped myself there 😅

  2. 1

    I advice you to check out the question part of prodcuthunt. It is not a well know part of the website but it can give you nice back-links.
    Just google search "Your keyword site:https://www.producthunt.com/ask

  3. 1

    Congratulations Sagun!.

  4. 1

    Congrats on the successful launch Sagun!

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