ProductHunt: Unpopular Opinion

Hello 👋, dear indie hackers!

Everyday i visit PH to see what products people make, what are their ideas and very often I notice a completely bullshit ones. Don’t get me wrong i’m not judging everyone and don’t think that i am the smartest, no. For example, today i saw “yet another great” todo app that is a #4 product of the day (~110 upvotes). I used it like for 5-10 minutes and it is so raw, i’d say it’s not even an alpha version it is more like a “test app” that we as developers write for fun or to try yet another framework:

  • No features (just regular todo app functionality)
  • Many bugs
  • UI/UX is meh

And what really scares me are people in the comment section. No one is telling the truth, just typical “Really like the idea”, “Great app”, “Great job”, etc.
So what is the real value of PH if everyone lies. Honesty is not a toxicity. Such a feeling people on PH are trying to be active member and just spam nice comments to raise awareness to them or their products, i don’t know.
Please, share your opinion about this, i would really like to know it because sometimes i catch myself thinking something wrong with me and not with them.

Peace 💖

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    I've seen top PH launches that are literally just landing pages. At least they had an actual app :)

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    So what is the real value of PH if everyone lies

    Free users.

    PH and HN can bring easily $10.000 PPC worth of users in a day.

    The comments in PH may be worthless, but the feedback you receive from the hundreds of users who actually sign-up is valuable, and their word of mouth referrals / organic growth can change your business overnight from a 'nothing' to a daily sustainable net-positive growth.

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    Yeah its not a good sign. It devalues the site when people try to hack the system and get their friends to like and comment - this might lead to less people visiting the site if all they see is self-congratulatory crap.

    On the good side, there is a selection bias at work on PH in which people are more accepting of new products and their defects because they realize its peoples MFPs (Minimal Functional Products) and hope it will improve over time if the idea is good. But I agree that people sometimes take advantage of this laxity to release subpar quality products becuase they can just relaunch 2.0 again later.

    A better test is on HN where you can actually get true feedback, but most people posting on either of these sites don't care about feedback so much as they just want users (IMO an amateur mistake).

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    My cinical answer would be it's all spam/paid

    My super optimistic side would say the bar is so low, you should just go and release something

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      I'll choose to be optimistic and go release something.

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    I have the same feeling too for a long time..

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    Have a similar feeling. I have to force myself to go to PH everytime. Something feels wrong with them. On the other side they have tons of traffic, so IDK but my gut feeling says scammy site.

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